Jonathan Lewisincorrect pricing of products

J Nov 28, 2017

I visited your Pinelands, Cape Town branch this afternoon and purchased a Gillette M3 RZR 2UP razor. The marked price was R69.95 When I got to the till the item rang up as R119.90. I pointed out the error, but the teller said it was the correct price. I went to the rack where I found the item and brought it to the teller as she was clearly not going to make the effort. She called her supervisor (#12) who corrected the error to the marked price. I asked the supervisor why there was no apology for the error. She was defensive and said she was only going to apologise when she had completed correcting the error!

I have some questions:

1. Is the supervisor's attitude company policy i.e. only apologise when the error has been corrected instead of when it is pointed out?

2. If so why?

3. What is the company's policy when items are incorrectly priced - in this case by R50.00 - almost the price of the item itself? e.g. your competitors offer to refund 1, 5 times the difference when items are priced incorrectly

Yours faithfully
Jonathan Lewis

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