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My Husband and were in the market for good quality living room furniture, we drove almost 85 miles to a well known furniture store in Tucson az, When we arrived in the store we were greeted by a sales person who seemed experienced and helpful. When asked what we were looking for, I stated that I was looking for a good quality living room set not Ashley type furniture, My husband and I were introduced to a variety of up scale furniture, we saw a Couch and loved the design modern and was told this was a couch by Jonathan Lewis, We never heard of him we said. We were told that JL furniture is well made and is made in the USA California to be exact. Well, after we settled on this couch that cost approximately 1000.00 and two companion chairs @ 699.00 per chair.
When the couch was delivered we were ok with the look and felt pretty good about it. The Chairs were on back order, about 3 weeks later I get my chairs and I am a little disappointed they looked cheap. Well, that night I was about to find out how cheaply made they really were, I hosted a small dinner party, My mom who is 81 year old sat in the chair she weighs about 160. as the night came to an end(NO drinking involved) my mother went to get out of the chair and the chair tipped forward and she fell on the floor face first, That chair has a design flaw, also we noticed that the chairs make a popping noise in the back rest area ever time you exit the chair it sounds as if the springs are going to come out of the chair. After my mom had this happen I was so upset and could not understand how this happened, I then sat in the chair and as soon as i moved forward on the chair IT TIPPED and I was so Pissed I called the store I got the chairs and sofa from and told them to pick it up all of It. For god sake I have Walmart lawn chairs that don't tip over this easy, Well after I had the chair experience I decided the next day to look at the sofa a little more, REMEMBER JL is a Designer. I started with the throw pillows I unzipped it and was just shocked to find that for high end JL stuff, All I can say is I've seen better materials used to make Kotex pads with DO NOT EVER BUY HIS CRAP, JL in my book should be sold next to the cheap futons, BUYER BEWARE BIG NAME JL But short on quality. A picture of the chair is attached as you can see the arms are somewhat slanted back and serve as the front legs, That angle of the design is a nice look but very dangerous.As for me I will from now on just short of ripping the next set of living room furniture apart before I buy anything . As for Designer Crap NEVER AGAIN

Jonathan Lewis Furniture

Mar 12, 2013
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  • Ra
      Mar 12, 2013

    You paid "Ashley" prices and that's what you got. Good authentic well made furniture is hard to find and a well made couch today would cost at least $2000, if you can locate that sort of thing - chairs are at least 700 - 800 a piece (cheap chairs are not discounted and cost about the same as good ones). Today, for most people, furniture is a throw away item..use a couch for a couple years, then locate a dumpster and toss it. It's futile to attempt to get good stuff unless you live in Manhattan and have a bank account like, say, Nancy Pelosi. Even older furniture stores of good reputation in their day are selling throw away stuff. I've been there and done it, and that's just the way it is. From now on, its just eye appeal, Value City, and when I get sick of it (or move) I throw it out. It's just not yesterday's furniture market anymore. Sorry you found out the hard way.

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