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Jonathan Bohbot / Jonathan Bohbot

1 United States

To: Jonathan Bohbot

Sent: Friday, November 05, 2010 10:34 AM



You have gone about this all wrong. I HAD a contract with you for a SierraGold kitten...not a kitten from Bill at NoahsPride. You chose not to wait for a kitten you could afford and moved to purchase a kitten from Noahspride. My website clearly states that I am not responsible for cats purchased from OTHER BREEDERS! Even so, I would have worked with you to see that the paperwork that you "say" you didn't receive was re-sent., but your attitude and nastiness has definitely soured me on helping you. They say no good deed goes unpunished...well, this is what a get for referring you to Bill so that you could purchase a much more expensive looking cat than you could afford.

Further, you would not be entitled to the registration slip on the kitten until proof of neuter was presented to BILL ...SIERRAGOLD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!... Bill also does not send out Kitten Paks...If I had sold you the kitten, I would have sent one...but your contract with me was null and void (per my attorney) when you purchased the cat from BILL. I am NOT the responsible party and if you continue to slander my name, my attorney will be getting to you. The money you paid, was paid to Bill NOT me! Your request to have the cat registered as a SierraGold kitten is impossible as that in itself would be illegal, and I will not do that. I will not cave in to your unethical behavior regardless of the ridiculous rants you put out on the internet, but I will have my attorney contact you.

Please take care of this so that no further attorney action is necessary. I do not say this casually, as I have proof that this cat was purchased from NoahsPride...NOT SierraGold.

Your slander of an extremely reputable cattery of 11 years with worldwide exposure is riduculous to say the least. All one has to do is visit our website to see the many fine references and happy clients we have all over the world.

Best wishes,
Where treasures of Gold & Silver can still be found!!


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