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joiphone voip / no service for 40 plus days

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This company says Joi Phone brings joy to your life. ###. They bring aggravation and lies. I have not been able to receive calls for 40 days plus. They cannot tell me when they will have it fixed even though one of their tech guys said it would work 9/28/2008-that was 2 weeks ago. What a bunch of incompetent liars and I am the fooll for giving them my money.

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  • Gp
      11th of Oct, 2008

    They close the serice and run away.

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  • Gp
      11th of Oct, 2008

    The joiphone is not anymore working and they run away of buissness.

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  • Mi
      11th of Oct, 2008

    Is this for real? Thieves and liars!!!Joiphone will pay!!!

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  • Rm
      11th of Oct, 2008

    i get no answer on phone or on the internet-they just disappeared. now what- i will go to credit card and stop payment. very dissatisfied!

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  • Po
      11th of Oct, 2008

    do you think we can call credit card company and ask for the money?

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  • Al
      13th of Oct, 2008

    I have used JoiPhone as my primary home phone for over 1 year. I can not say enough good things about JoiPhone. I brought most of my friends and family to JoiPhone and I only get good feedback. JoiPhone even upgraded my adapter to a 4port Cisco router for free. 40 day no service? The only time I had issues with my phone was few hours this past Saturday. JoiPhone has been more reliable then my old phone service, and I only pay $9/mo for a phone line with Unlimited long distance!


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  • Vm
      17th of Oct, 2008

    My friend had no problems with the service and recommended it, but when my girlfriend and I signed up it was like dealing with a completely different company.

    Our service was terrible and never consistent. Service went in and out with no rhyme or reason. They sent an upgraded new router (not free of charge) and service got worse. Customer service had no explanations or answers for us. When we asked for a refund they said to send both routers back and the prorated amount would be refunded immediately. We sent them back over 90 days ago with delivery confirmation. They received the routers but have not refunded the balance as they said they would. We would have been better of keeping the routers and the bad service if we knew they would disappear with our money afterwards.

    This company (scammers) has no problem ignoring emails, ignoring phone calls, and ignoring customers completely. This company has no business ethic and operate like scam artists. Once they have your money you are on your own. If are lucky enough to reach them by phone or email, like we did, be sure to record everything. You will need it later when filing your lawsuit and or complaint with your local public utilities commission. I also recommend making a formal complaint to the FCC online. Don't forget the Better Business Bureau and any other consumer advocates you have at your disposal.

    Businesses like these are glorified scams. Even if your service is out for one day or 40 days, don't you deserve an explanation or even a refund for that time. If you are like us you paid for a year or more of service. That’s 365 days paid in advance not 364. Add up the amount of days you have been without service and demand a refund for that time. It may take someone on the brink of death not being able to dial 911 for these scam artists to be brought to the public light. And I pray it’s not you or one your family members who need that emergency phone call while you’re already paid for phone service is taking an extended break along with the whole customer service staff (more like customer non-service scam artists).

    If you need an a cheap phone service get a Magic Jack for $20 a year. We haven’t been disappointed yet. Don't give Joiphone any more of your hard earned money. In these days and times you deserve a lot better and a lot more for your dollar.


    Also I just found this link with Joiphone’s Better Business Bureau rating. No surprise here, they got an F.

    /URL removed/

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  • Co
      14th of May, 2009
    joiphone voip - NO JOY, NO Phone Service,Rude Techs & LIES!!!
    Fort Valloy
    United States

    My husband and I thought that we would give VOIP telephone service a try since we have DSL according to the JOIPHONE website and ads for that company we would get great phone service over the DSL connection that we have. But that was FAR from being true! We were asked to pay upfront for everything but we were told that if they were unable to give us service they would return our money. We received the box to connect our Joiphone service, but when we tried to call out, the phone would ring the other line - connect - and then we could hear the other party as they answered the phone, but they could NOT hear us! We never could get a true connection with the party that we were calling! When we called (that SAME DAY ) to report the problem we got the rudest tech with NO customer service skills and it seemed that he did not care about the problem we were experiencing with JOI-"less"-Phone! This problem continued on for days! We spoke to several techs with no successful results, until finally one Tech told us that they could not give us service because of the DSL provider that we had! Of course they were trying to "pass the buck, " but when my husband asked them what he suggested, he said that we had only 5 days to get the box back to them or they would charge us another $89.00! WHAT???
    My husband told them that he would send the box back but we wanted our money back. They said that they would get the money back in our account after they received the box, but then we received a letter in the mail that said that we had used OVER THE LIMIT of MINUTES on the JOI-less-PHONE! We could not believe it! We had NEVER HAD a connection where we could use the PHONE! So we reported it to the BBB, who let us know that we were NOT the only ones who had the same BAD experience with this RIP-OFF company!!
    As my husband says, "Live & Learn!" Always make sure that you check out an online service BEFORE you pay for anything Online!

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  • Co
      14th of May, 2009

    They (JOIPHONE) are only interested in getting your money! They could care less about your service!

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  • Ia
      21st of Jan, 2010

    I have had joiphone service for 2 years. This past week my annual fees were due and the credit card number they had on file had expired. Rather than notify me they simply cut off my line and callers instead received a message stating "Your account is unpaid and overdue", which of course confused the callers into thinking they couldn't *make* the call because the problem was on their end. The message *should* have said something like "Service to the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable", or if they wanted to be jerks, at least get it right: "The number for the caller you are trying to reach has been suspended".

    When I called they said it would be fixed within an hour or two. It took a week and 4 more calls to technical support and customer service

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  • Sc
      28th of Feb, 2010

    I totally agree. Joiphone is a ripoff. And I have filled a legal case because it is totally against my rights for them to have that message on my phone when someone calls. And what is funny is, they never even told me that they could not bill my expired CC, they just cut the service and put the "your account has been suspended because of the payment issue"

    Blumenthal, AG in CT will chew this company alive. That or they will not do any business in CT. Stupid joiphone. No wonder the company will never go anywhere.

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  • Wh
      15th of Nov, 2010

    IanSR, those [censor] did the same thing to me. I had been with them for two years, and when it came time for my annual renewal, they just cut-off my service like that. Even worse, the main page when you login to their web portal seemed to incorrectly report your account balance, leaving you thinking you're all paid (and I have this documented if any Lawyer wants to present it as evidence). Apparently, they were well aware of this technical issue, but it wasn't high on their to-do list to fix it, because I guess they'd rather let their system mislead their customers then actually invest money in fixing something that's customer-facing.

    If anyone needs signatures to certify class action against JoiPhone, then you can count on mine. Those [censor] need to change their poor business practices and pay for what they have done to their customers, which in my opinion, is nothing short of fraud.

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  • Ka
      19th of Apr, 2011

    Unfortunately, I used to work for this company for over a couple of years. IT WAS ABUSE!!! IT is a very small companies with only about 6 or 7 employees. These employees are all OVERWORKED and they have a high turn over rate because the OWNER JOE EGOSI and DAVID NORMAN are so disrespectful to their employees. You at time do not have a manger in the office or if they do then the manager is OVERWORKED and so frustrated because of all of the escalated calls. The have emails addressess as Q's for the employees to work and the [protected] is a Q and it had over 1, 000 emails that have not been even read yet. so if you send a complaint or have billing questions then 20 percent chance it will not get answered... I can go allld ay.. HEy you can ask me anything about this company and I dont know about it.. TRUST ME! I have the exact address of the location of the office as well... If you need it let me know..;)

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  • Jl
      4th of May, 2011

    After 2 years of cheap so-so service with Joiphone I decided to go with another company. I had my new provider start the process of porting over my phone number and I sent Joiphone the required email to cancel service. I did not get a reply so I called them and they told me someone would get back to me. When I didn't hear back I sent another email and called again...same answer. Didn't hear back and my cc got charged for a new month of service. I continued to email and call them. This went on for 3 months and they continued to bill my cc. Finally after 3 months I spoke to somebody who sounded sane and she promised to put in a request for a refund for the 3 months of inactive service but that they needed the equipment returned first. I sent the equipment. I never heard from them again and by the time I got around to calling my cc company, 6 months had passed so it was too late for them to contest the charges. STAY AWAY FROM JOIPHONE!!!
    They are unresponsive and rude thieves.

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  • La
      20th of Aug, 2011

    I have had nothing but trouble... recurrent downtime with the phone service I ordered for my parents. I talked with everyone at joiphone and was told to contact Jim Bailey at this email address. I have heard all the bla bla about no refunds etc buy I want a prorated refund sent to my parents for lack of quality phone service...actually long lapses of service on their phone. This is unacceptable. How can you even entertain the idea of keeping peoples money when they have had NO PHONE SERVICE!!!???????? I want my parents money refunded now. They are old 85+ who need good phone service and not a TEMPORARY NUMBER...MY GOD WHAT NEXT WITH YOU PEOPLE!!
    They are on a fixed income and cannot afford to line your pathetic pockets with money who would take money when not rendering service. YOU have got your nerve let me tell you> JIM BAILEY or whoever. I will be telling this story too to the BBB>
    NOTE TO CORPORATE NO RESPONSE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MY parents have had long lapses in service which you have NOT BEEN ABLE TO CORRECT
    and you can call me for further details if you like at... I am requesting a prorated refund for them...I was told you do not issue refunds...###...No service...NO pay!!! I hope to hear from you and get the refund my parents so very much deserve you thieves.

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  • Ch
      12th of Apr, 2012

    They say unlimited but it is no where close to it. After using ther phone for 2 week they cancel my service saying I
    Abuse the service cause I used more minute than I should, noW how is that unlimited. They also charge me an abuse
    Fee of $100 and will not turn the service on if I don't agree get a minute plan. This company is a SCAM

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