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I'm writing in regards about one of your products named Johnsons Junior Bath & Shower.

I have 2 boys one 6 yrs and one nearly 4 yrs, my 6 yr old has excema but my other boy has no skin conditions at all until now ... On Thursday the 14th July i bathed both my boys in this product from head to toe and within 24 hours my youngest boy who has no skin conditions was covered head to toe in a itchy rash. I took him to the doctors on Mon 18th July so he could be checked over as this rash was very blotchy and he was saying he was in pain.

The doctor diagnosed him with an skin allergy condition called Urticaria which is an allergic reaction to a chemical or food allergy, and usually comes out within 24 hours. Urticaria is a allergic reaction to the skin which feeds through the blood vessels. The doctor gave him Piriton and just E45 cream to stop the itching and that was just to start.

When i got home i googled this condition and it came up with a few things that could have triggered this allergy off one of them being a chemical reaction called Sodium Benzoate.

This chemical is listed in your product Johnson's Junior Bath & Shower, i have never used this product before and its the only thing that could of caused this skin condition called Urticaria, My liitle boy has now suffered for 10 days with this and is now on steroid tablets called Prendnisolone and a cream called Eurax, he's still very unwell and is very upset.

I was quite shocked that my 6 yr old who has Excema, that it did not cause him any harm at all.

I'm not looking for Freebies as to be honest i wouldn't want to use your products with this chemical in, i'm simply making you aware so maybe you could look into it and maybe remove it fom your products so that no other children have to go through the pain and suffering my little boy has.

I would appreciate if you would get back to me on this matter with urgency.

Yours Sincerely

Lynsey Hayes

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