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After discovering a hangnail on my right hand ring finger I washed my hands dried them completely applied Neosporin and applied the 100% waterproof bandaids made by Johnson and Johnson I chose their bandaids because the box claims 100% waterproof and easy to apply..I can attest both assertations are bs..first of all I wasted two bandaids attempting to apply the first one..when I removed the backing the bandaids stuck together rendering them useless..this happened twice before I managed to get one in place..after making sure the bandaid was secure I began washing dishes with the belief my hurt finger was 100% protected..imagine my surprise when I found my 100% waterproof bandaid floating in the dishwater, after finishing the dishes I immediately washed then dried my hands, applied more medicine wasted another bandaid managed to get the second one in place..then decided to take a I was rinsing my hair I saw my bandaid laying at my feet I finished my shower applied medicine yet again wasted more bandaids then angrily reread the box "100% waterproof and easy to apply"..I continued to use these crap bandaids, a few days later I brushed my finger against my own leg and the pain that shot through my hand was staggering..I had a full blown finger looked like a serving spoon..I gave away those crappy bandaids bought an off brand called sparkle and some triple a antibiotic..I started soaking my finger in warm epsom salt, so here I am still dealing with my infected finger. I fired off a angry, but polite email to Johnson & Johnson at the very least I wanted my money back..they responded with "compensation is on its way" I thought good, now keep in mind I wasn't looking for a fortune just a small gesture that they were sorry I am in pain and dealing with the very thing I had hoped to avoid by using their so called "100% waterproof and easy to apply" product..a friend was convinced I would get a refund plus a little money to compensate my pain and suffering..nothing huge she thought they would send me $50, I was thinking more like $5, instead, what I received was a callous ill thought out response that I was not prepared for..they sent me a $5 off coupon for one of their products..I sent them an angry email and received a response that made me laugh they wanted to talk to me on the phone, I have a hearing problem that hearing aids do me no good for this reason I try not to talk on the phone, I informed them of this and told them there was nothing more to say J&J proved just how much they don't care about my health or safety..then I excused myself because I had to go soak my swollen sore finger yet again..what a sad way to treat a customer!


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      Aug 14, 2009

    J&J are not the reason your finger is messed up. you should have gone to your doctor and have him prescribe antibiotics.

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      Apr 01, 2010

    My son is 9 days old and I bought MYLICON for colic like symptoms (early hrs of the morning) to find out later today the product is >1 year past experitation date. Took Baby for blood tests today. Absolutely crazy!

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      Apr 03, 2011

    1. First of all you posted 3 complaints about the same issue under at least 3 different user names: choco, babygirl32712 and Oliver. (it's obvious you are the same person, by your grossly exaggerated story and exact tone of voice or word choice). .
    2. the band-aid brand bandages are water-proof, but that assumes you sealed them to your dry skin properly. If they fell of, i'm certain either a) your finger was not as dry as you claim b) you applied the neosporin too liberally (it's is "greasy" and a bandage will not stick to your skin if you have neosporin all over it...make sure the neosporin is only under the gauze part of the bandage, not the sticky part). or c) you didn't press the band-aid bandage down making sure all sides were sealed before getting it wet and water got underneath. If you can't apply a band-aid bandage properly, just buy a latex or mylar glove and wear that while you wash your dishes or take a shower if your wound is so delicate.
    3. In either case, I think a $5 coupon and subsequent refund was an adequate response. If you were looking for $50 for "pain and suffering", you should have hired a lawyer, you [censor].
    4. BTW, Sparkle are crap and a joke product and you know it. You must be profit from them in some way from promoting sparkle.

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      Mar 01, 2012

    very bad response was given by u r company johnson & johnson.I am not satisfied with u r offers i have given lot of complaints but there is no response was given by u r company...

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      Dec 24, 2013

    One touch glucose meter - there is no display at all. It seems that battery issue. At the time of purchase when we raised this issue they (company) said they will replace the same free of cost. Nobody is replying to their toll free numbers- Ravindra Barve [protected]

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      Feb 21, 2019

    All I can say about Johnson and Johnson is they don't give a S**T about the older people and the cost of their medications from their company. Merck has a better patient assistance program and is a lot less complicated to get your NEEDED medications without a lot of HASSLE!!! I'm asking my Doctor to prescribe another medication so I can continue to live a while longer.

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