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when i was applying for auto insurance, i had no idea at the time that my fiance had had an accident previous to our relationship, so when applying i had said no to him ever being in an accident because he had told me before that he hadnt had any, so the person dealing with my insurance had put the insurance through without running our licenses first and it had come up with it being there had been an accident, for 9 mnths after that, everyone that i tried to speak to refused to take my calls and emails and had made it very difficult for me to get insurance again, the problem that im having is that now my insurance rates are through the roof because of it being put through as a misrepresentation rather than a non-disclosure, i had no idea of the accident i can only go by what is disclosed to me so all im asking is that this misrepresentation be changed to the nondisclosure as i know i have to take part responsibility. if i had known of this i would have fully disclosed all info about the accident, please help me, thanks you
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