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Today, 6/8/18 I stopped to get gas at this location. The street sign flashed $2.84 cash / $2.89 for regular. I always use my debit card to ensure I get the lowest cash price.
The pump showed $2.89. After inserting my debit card and proceeding to pump gas, I noticed the price did not change to the cash price of $2.84. The cashier, Corey said, he didn't know anything about the price of gas. The manager, Brandon wasn't available. When I called later to speak to the manager, I was told he's in a meeting and will be busy all day. I advised, I'm "the customer" and he should make time to speak to me. I was advised he'll be busy all day.
The cashier, Corey said, we don't know anything about the price of the gas. I have never experienced this before. I feel like this establishment is misleading the public on the price advertising of the lower cash gas price to get people into their station.

Johnny Joe's

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    Here’s the place I’m referring to.

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    This is a photo of Johnny Joe's

    gas price
Jun 08, 2018

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