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1 Montgomery, AL, United States

On January 26 2017 around 1:30pm Took MY 2011 Hyundai Silver Gal's with 117, 738 miles To Firestone on Atlanta Hwy Montgomery Alabama for a regular oil change ask them to check out some shaking in the steering wheel
they call me 30 min later telling me the car stop and they had to tow it back to the shop and further check it out. Once I got there the manager said they did not do any further checking and they would tow it where I wanted it to go. Stating it was low in oil which was not true and they had to add 3 quarter mine you no engine lights no problem when I brought it in Firestone .Firestone have change my oil for 5 years and I do have copies of this also before time change oil Had it checked out and was told engine locked copies of that also.
I Need Then to own up to there mistake and take responsibility there was no oil leaks no message on dash oil, engine nothing I'm on a fix income do not have $5000 to replace Engine rental car for 4 days as of today January 31st 2017. I have copies of all i'm telling you please HELP

Jan 31, 2017

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