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John Thain / San Jose Mercury refuses to deliver house newspaper subscription

1 Monterey, CA, United States

I ordered a subscription to the San Jose Mercury News and the Mercury News acknowledged that the subscription was to begin on Nov 27, 2007, but the San Jose Mercury News has taken no action to deliver the newspaper despite fifteen phone complaints, I have moved up the chain of the command three levels, and the so-called customer services department sees their job as sending out emails rather than solving customer problems. Until Dec 3, the Mercury News customer service department did not give out any contact information with the circulation department; the y did o on Dec 3 after I started call four levels up their customer service chain of command. If the Mercury News policy is purposely starving customer support resources, and aggressively seeking new subscribers at the same time, they should carefully examine whether that kind of management policy is ethical--the customer needs to have trust in the work ethic and sense of fair play of the companies he/she deals with. As far I can see, the Mercury News has made no honest effort to deliver the newspaper in their past week, a conclusion I have to reqch because I have put up large clearly visible signs at my house and repeatedly verified the address with the News and offered to answer calls about directions, but the lower levels of the so called customer service department has been trained only to offer apologies and disclaim responsibility by passing the buck--although I have now asked the latest company representatives to help process a prompt refund if they cannot solve the problem in the next few days. I certainly hope the company's refund policy isn't as screwed up as their home delivery policy.


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