John Paul Hair, Nail and Skin Institutewaste of money


dont go to john paul cosmetology school its a huge rip off. you pay him 1100 dollars for a kit that probobly only cost him 500 at the most and he never has any products for clients and students you use things from the 1980's including perms. he is way over priced and a huge waste of anyones time... there is no stability in the class rooms. he has one teacher that is soo high on drugs she wouldnt beable to tell a blunt cut from a 90 degree cut if u ask her. he cuts the emery boards and files in half to save money so you have to give a pedicure to someone with half a file, he never ever has products that you use and you will have to go out and spend atleast 500 more dollars on things that you will need for your boards becuase the kit he gives you is soo damn cheap.. waste of money and time go somewhere else definatly!!! oh and in the winter hes too cheap to turn the heat on and its gets down to 45 degrees in the building and in the summer forget air conditioning on a good day its 80 degrees in the room.. so for 12000 dollars you get a cheap 500 hundred dollar kit and a horrible education... wow what a rip off

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