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John M. Mohr / Malpractice

1 85 North Main StreetUnion City, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 814-438-7691

My jaw had been hurting for months now so I made an appointment to go see Dr.Mohr, he was the only dentist near my town that accepted my insurance. When I went in he took a quick glance at my teeth and said we had to pull my left side wisdom teeth, AFTER I pointed out that the upper one was crowded as well. So without even giving any x-rays or anything else he proceeded to give me some novicane shots while I filled out the paperwork. As soon as I was done (perhaps five to ten minutes if that) he taps on my teeth, I tell him "I can still pretty much feel that". Instead of waiting he goes in and yanks out the bottom tooth, I grin and bare it even though it hurt like the dickens. Then he goes to my top tooth and grabs hold, I let out a bit of a scream so he gives me another shot. Not even five minutes later he's back to reefing on it. I can feel everything, pieces of my tooth breaking off, my jaw being yanked around, unbeliavable pain. By now I'm whimpering, screaming, shaking uncontrollably and have tears streaming down my face. After ten minutes of him torturing me it finally comes out. He then tells me it was infected. Now I run the risk of the infection spreading more that the tooth was pulled without clearing that up first. I am not the only one who thinks this man obviously should have his license taken away, others claim similar things happening to them. That pain was worse than childbirth. I am now terrified to go to the dentist although I know eventually I will need the right side wisdom teeth removed as well, I don't think I can bring myself to ever have that done now.

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