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John Hinderer Honda / Liars

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I bought a used 2003 Honda civic as is, no warranty. Ok, that's out of the way. I signed the paperwork on a Wed or Thur evening, to return the following day to give them the payment. Within 9 hours the check engine light had come on, before I could even make it there to pay them. They had their service tech check the light. He said I must have run thru a puddle (it was raining that morning) and it set off the code. He cleared the code and assured me there was no problem. The check engine light came on again, within 10 hours of me leaving. This is twice in the first 4 day and a half. This time they assured me they would take care of everything in diagnosing and repairing the check engine light. I even got this in writing 2 different times.

A week later, Friday the 13th no less, they called me and told me they would be willing to split the cost with me. Turns out the car needs a new engine. It has 114k miles on it. They went against their own written word and are not willing to do what they told me. Their service manager, who authorized the repairs in the first place, told me he "did not recall our conversation" and when I asked him if he was willing to tell me straight up that John Hinderer Honda was going against their word, his response was "allegedly that was the case".

I refused to pay for the repairs and they told me the car would be ready for pick up early the following week. I asked what repairs would be made and he told me they would put it back together and I could pick it up. They are and were willing to put me in a damaged vehicle that was damaged when I bought it.

John Hinderer Honda lied directly to me.

I have to meet with them to pick up the car. I'll post if anything changes so this report stays factual.


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  • Cl
      24th of Jun, 2008
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    John Hinderer Honda (Heath, Ohio) would rip off a blind old lady with a three legged dog. I attempted to trade in a car on a motorcycle there, but then backed out when I called Honda Finance and found out that they had overreported my salary on a credit application. At the time I signed the paper with this info, it only had my work history on it. They later added false dates to this, also, in order to get me approved for the financing. When I questioned this false information to the dealership owner, all he would say was, "Well, you signed indicating that this information was correct." Yeah, well that was before you guys forged it. Honda Finance then canceled the transaction upon learning this and I asked for my car back. John Hinderer Honda told me they had already sold it and I owed them $1400 on the trade-in balance. I don't understand how I can owe them a "trade-in balance" when I didn't buy anything. I'm fighting it and they are threatening to turn me into collections. We'll see how it turns out. I've known three people who have worked there and acknowledged the dealership's shady business practices in every department. Two were fired for not going along with ripping the customer off in the service deptartment pending vehicle repairs. Your testimony regarding the used civic is nothing out of the normal for the dealership. I wouldn't buy a glass of water from them if I was dying of thirst.

  • Je
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    you bought a used car without a warranty and expect everything to be okay? crazy

  • Ap
      22nd of Apr, 2009
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    Well I saw their ad online, called them for a test drive, they wouldn't give me any info on whether the car had accidents or not. I'm 2 hours away from them, I want to make sure before I spend my gas/time on there. I asked my friend called. They told my friend the car has been sold but there are other cars. WTF! I don't want to drive 2 hours for other cars but the one I saw on the web site. If it's sold then just tell me and I'd not waste my time (and theirs!)

  • Go
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    John Hinderer Honda - Buyer Beware
    john hinderer
    United States

    Typical car dealer, high pressure sales tactics, but I fell for it...
    They made promises that they didn't keep, tried to charge for repairs after they said they'd do to make the deal.
    Temp tag expired before I recieved my title making the car useless, no way to get plates without title
    check them out; 38 complaints filed with BBB, 54 complaints filed with Ohio attorney general
    I should have checked them out before I stopped in, I thought I knew better, but they got me this time.

  • Do
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wanted to buy a Motorcycle, I told them I would like to take a short try out ride on a Honda 11oo I liked, I do have a motorcycle Lic. and I am in my fiftys I have rode Motorcycles most of my life, They said we do not allow bike rides, even If you want to buy it, then acted like they were to good to sell me a bike. Myself and another lady who was also looking to buy that day both left, I went to Mid Ohio in Mt Verion got to test ride and was treated with respect, I ended up test riding and buying a Motorcycle at Joe Carson Honda in Lancaster, Ohio. My next buy even those I am from the Newark area will be at Joes or Mid Ohio.

  • Pb
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I stopped in at the Honda dealership to trade in my truck on a new Honda Pilot, the sales manager and the staff were rude, I was not parked in a parking space so the decided to make a public announcement over the intercom about it, not realizing I was standing right there as they all laughed about what just happened!!..I ask if there was a problem of course they tried to back peddle I just told my Son to come on and walked out..I went to Nourse in Chilicothee, OH, and was treated with spoken to and treated with the out most respect, and they did not care where I parked my truck!>>LOL..

  • Be
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    I think they should have went to Joe Carson in Lancaster, I have always been treated fair at Joe's also My friend deals at Mid Ohio Honda in Mt Verion, Ohio I have heard of a lot of problems with

    John Hinderer Honda (Heath, Ohio)
    To many good places to deal, Check out the dealer before you buy, As for me I'll stick with Joe...Don of Thornville, Ohio

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