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Fast Eviction Services which is run by John E Bouzane filed fraudulent proof of service papers on our unlawful detainer. We never recieved the unlawful detainer paperwork. The only paperwork we ever recieved was the documents telling us the sheriff was coming to lock us out in less than a week.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Bernardino, CA This so called lawyer has lied, falsified documents and forged names on court documents.

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Recently on 06/12/2008 he was Disciplined and placed on Probation by the California State Bar Association under Case No. 06-O-11921. he should be disbarred in my opinion.

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  • Ji
      Nov 29, 2008

    The same situation occured with our home. Now he has filed a collection case to sue us for the eviction. It looks at though I will need to seek legal advice of my own as this is obviously not legal.

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  • Se
      Apr 08, 2009

    100% agreement. Ours was Robert A. Krasney with Fast Eviction Services, San Bernardino, with a) illegal process of service using an unlawful mandatory court form b) non appearance at court substitution of attorney (how would WE KNOW whether it was Krasney or not?). John E. Bouzane was also the representing counsel for a different unlawful detainer case in which we prevailed. THANK YOU for the update on his probation status!

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  • Ge
      May 11, 2009

    John E. Bouzane is also doing the same thing to me. Saying that I was served paper when I wasn't even in town at the time. The home owner's must know about this guys before they hire him

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  • La
      Sep 16, 2019

    My son and daughter in law are going through the same thing!!! Except my son called trying to figure out how to place a medical base line for his electric. He THOUGHT he was calling Mounain Top Properties. Instead this Easy Evict place answered and confused he didnt want to give his space number and the "man" responded with "Go die, pack your [censored] and leave." Next thing he was given a 60 day notice...then in the same month he received an unlawful detainer notice which they SAID was PERSONALLY delivered, but was received by certified mail on a Saturday!!! When he went to file an answer they told him it was too late!!! And the sherriff has already been to the house! These people prey on innocent people just trying to make it through. Now my they, along with their 3 year old have until Oct 2 and its Sep 16th to find a place. These people need to be stopped!!!

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