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John Doe Corporation / Complaint Information

1 Miami, FL, United States
Contact information:

This is a posting to show how ridiculous this site is. There is no “John Doe Corporation” and therefore I am not a real person making a real complaint. The internet is like the old wild west. A “complaint” can literally be posted anonymously by anyone to say anything anyway they want. Most of the postings you see are not true abuses by companies against consumers, very often it is the cowardly venting of an angry or disturbed person who may or may not have a valid concern but never tried to work with the company to solve the problem or dosen’t want to be responsible for their own decisions. Other postings are done by competitors of the company in an attempt to ruin their reputation. Be very cautious before posting a complaint, once you post it, it cannot be removed, not by you or anyone else (including attorneys) ! Also, bear in mind, he how lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Anyone who wants can post all kinds of things about you, your family, your business or employer and even your children with the most vicious vile lies you can imagine but which will come up forever anytime someone does a Google search on your name. They can also publish any personal information, credit card numbers, private phone numbers, etc. Don’t do it, you are just being suckered by this website that costs very little to run but makes a lot of money by people clicking on the ads that they sponsor.

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