John Digel PlumbingHorrible plumbing

We hired John Digel to install plumbing in our new kitchen extension in March of 2010. The job included sink plumbing, dishwasher plumbing, refridgerator ice maker pipes, and heating toe kicks throughout the kitchen. While he seemed responsible at first, that all went out the window after he received our deposit. He did not return any phone calls- some of which were 4-5 times a day EVERYDAY- for weeks at a time. Our entire project was held up because of him, because electric, insulation and flooring could not go down until plumbing was complete. In August of 2010, I learned that he was never licensed in the village of lindenhurst to work on plumbing projects- he was working illegally under another plumbers license, named George Schoenwalder. Upon learning this, I tried to contact Mr. Schoenwalder for several days to encourage him to do the right thing and get our job done, since he was allowing this negligent person to work under his name and license. He was able to motivate his friend to show up the next day to finally rough out the plumbing... however, he never called the town to schedule to plumbing inspection that was required after the roughing. We called ourselves and sent him all of the information on the inspection. He told us he was required to be here for the inspection, and since we were given a 4 hour window for the appointment, he would be here to work while waiting for the inspector. Well, after taking off from work for a second time, he did not show up. Fortunately the plumbing inspector still passed us in his absence, but had some concerns about the roughing. John Digel did not return ANY of our MANY angry phone calls regarding his not showing up again, except a week later to ask for payment. We made it very clear that he was not welcome back in our home to work, as we didn't trust his word to show up, to do the right thing or actually complete quality work. He argued with his at first, insisting that we owed him money, but in the end he agreed that the deposit we gave him was more than sufficient for the 1 hour of poor quality work he did and for the many days he was scheduled to come and never showed. As we speak, I have a much more qualified plumber fixing and completing the job who was already proven to be more professional and responsible than John Digel. I am also in the process of notifying the village that he and his friend are working illegally.


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