John Deery Motors / Bad service

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In March of 2000, wife and I bought a John Deere riding lawn-mower, cost about $2100.00--in July of bought another John Deere riding lawn-mower, cost about $2100.00, in April of this year, bought new kitchen counter-tops, cost about $1800.00..Other than these major buys, over the years have spent thousands of dollars on other items, including ***-eaters, plants, mulch, land-scaping material and various items..

Friday, April 23rd, this year again, was in Lowe's, Rogers, Ar store, to purchase some shelving---was in correct aisle, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, , During the time I was there, I had 5 of your store employess walk by me, yet not a one, said hi, good afternoon, or is there anything that I can help you with..

I began to reflect by on my visits to this store, and also the one in Springdale, Ar.and it became quite apparent, your store employees are the most discerned people I have seen working in a retail as far as any type of;s like you have to come to me if you need any assistance, and I assure you, you have plently sitting around desks, chatting away or playing on the computer, or a least seems that's what they are doing.So before I left, I went and found the person that I had purchased the counter tops from--took her they looked good when installed, then I addressed to her my concern about customer service, per her, TELL THEM UP FRONT.

So this morning, I get up and head to Home Depot--what a SURPRISE, all employess you met, had a smile on their face, a good morning spoken to you and was ask, anything I can assit you with..

So to finalize---I will no longer purchase any item from Lowes, but probably by your standards, the amout of my purchases is trivial in the over-all picture, but I assure you, it's not to me..thanks for listening, even though I seriously doubt to see any changes..


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