John BalentUnprofessional practice/opportunist


Balent handled my family law case and boy what a waste.

During the initial consultation, he was empathic and appear to be so concern about my interest. Money given (albeit we agreed to a fix rate, I received a bill with charges over the agreed fee - see review prior to this for description of such charges). No input from him on the development of the case. Met with him to follow up (waited a good 45 min even with appointment) and he appeared to have just woken up (that's fine but I could have sworn I smelled alcohol eminating from him). Appeared disoriented and did not seem to know about my case.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brea, CA I repeated the whole situation to him again. During the trial, It appeared to me that he was working for the other party as there was no effort at all to argue my interest and agreed to all of the other party's lawyer. I felt there were no effort made to make or defend my case. I could have done "pro per" and saved me my hard earned money, or paid someone else that would have fought or at least made an effort to argue my interest.

Other dissatisfied clients also have written reviews on how they were represented by this untrustworthy opportunist at There is also a website showing how he practices that I think every potential client should know before hiring him.

John Balent

Dec 27, 2014

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