1 South Africa

I paid R644.05 for International Air Parcel (CN021063540ZA) from Pretoria (Sunnyside Post Office) on 31-Marc-2012 hoping the item will get to it's location (Accra, Ghana) quickly at that price. As at 20 -Apri-2012, the parcel has still not got to Ghana. I queried this on 13-Apr-2012 and got a response that the matter would be investigated. I have called many employees at the JIMC to help me trace this parcel but it looks like no 1 cares about the missing parcel. I spoke to 1 employee who said they spoke to the Post Office in Ghana who said they havent received the parcel from South Africa. Was the parcel not given to a person who works at the airline? Cant we hold this person whom JIMC claims the parcel was given to at SAA accountable? Is this the service we get promised for. Do we pay for our parcels to be thrown away and no one cares about it. I have suggested to them to contact South Africa Airways which collected the parcel to deliver to trace the parcel but no 1 cares. Is this not robbery in disguise.


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