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Johanna Best / Data Entry/Accounting Home Based

1 TX, United States

1) They come in as 3 different individuals. #1 Tim Davis a manager, #2 Dale Walker another manager, who is the hiring manager, and #3 Kim Denver143, who is another person who is suppose to be the vendor who is suppose to send you the equipment/supplies for doing the job. There may not be 3 may be just one named Dale Walker or someone new made up name.

2)This Tim sends an email saying that he has seen your resume', and that you qualify for a home-based job. But, then, he wants you to resend the resume' to him. That should have been the first clue, but it wasn't.

3)This Dale Walker and Kim Denver, let's you know up front that you will get reimbursed...but you never do.

4)This Dale Walker came back on saying that he would give me my money back, but hasn't.

Here's the run down on the money, this is what they ask for...

1) $285.00 to be sent to Johanna Best in New Jersey. It must be sent Western Union for $29.99 which is the fast way to get the money to the scammers, basically. So you call back with the MTCN#. Now, once you have given them that number, they got you. But you will not know it, at first. So, then they tell you that you will get reimbursed in a few days. But, they let you know that they are sending the equipment/supplies out to you and you will have them by a certain time the next day. Then, the next day Dale IMs you to let you know that his vendor (Kim Denver) needs an extra $185.00 more, now. SO, I LET THEM KNOW THAT THEY HAD ALREADY GOT $314.99 FROM ME + NOW THEY WANTED AN EXTRA $185.00 TO SEND EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES??? NO, I DON'T THINK SO.

2) I left off the middle of this all happening he sends some type of Accounting Data Task via email, letting me know that I needed to complete the Task. Because this kind of Task will be sent everyday to be completed by a certain time that would need to be sent back through to your trainer Kim Denver.

RESULTS...THEY ARE BEING INVESTIGATED BY 2 DIFFERENT GROUPS OF PEOPLE. However, this so called Kim Denver 143, email/handle has been deleted.

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