Johann Booysen / samsung store kolonade pretoria

Good day,

On Thursday 23 November 2017, at about 13:30, I walk into one of your stores at the Kolonade Shopping centre in Montana Pretoria, at the entrance there were two gentlemen, I grated the one gentleman and ask him where can I get an quotation for my Samsung cell phone, that I fell down, and the screen cracked, the man directed me to the service desk, I went to the service desk, one lady was busy with a file, and a gentleman was on his cell phone, busy, with a laptop informant of him, I was standing there for about ten minutes waiting, the other gentleman that was at the entrance then came to this gentleman on his phone, and start talking to the man whom was on the phone, still I was not assisted, then after 15 minutes standing there without any help of the two persons at the counter I turned around and walk out of the store, saying to ahem that I can't complaint about service because there is no service walking out of the store, I was in my Metro Police uniform, the store was not busy at all, is this how costumer's get treated at Samsung outlets? It was very bad impression that I got for such a well known company, and for me is totally unacceptable, very poor service, and I am going to tell all people about the poor service actually NO service getting from Samsung, Kolonade in Montana Pretoria,

Johann Booysen
Very Disappointed customer

Nov 26, 2017

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