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Sorry to say that Joe Johnson aka Joseph R. Johnson Quality Woodworking and Stairs of Denver and Castle Rock Colorado (now California) has went back on his word to pay me for the costs I paid to have HIS work redone.

He had installed stairs and railings in my home as well as made some archways in the drywall. When it came time to texture the walls, it was clear he had no business claiming he's a professional in the drywall field. They used no drop cloth and the equipment he used was 'malfunctioning' splattering texture all over the place. It's been a year now and I'm still finding splatter marks in odd places. I have a nice house, and a now a nice staircase, but a really crappy drywall/texture job. My 10 year old even says 'Why does the wall look so funny Daddy?'

I asked Joe to fix the problem and he referred me to a drywall friend of his who came out and TRIED to make it better. When it came time to pay, Joe said he had no money. This was right after I paid him in excess of $15, 000! We agreed I would pay the bill and he would replace the crown molding on my kitchen cabinets in return.

I paid the bill (like a dummy), months went by, I called him at least 6 times asking him to either get the cabinets done as promised or pay me back the $500.00. Finally, after 10 months of being put off and getting excuse after excuse, I gave him 24 hours to pay me. He said he does not write the checks and I'd need to talk with his partner. I called his partner, got a voice mail and no call back. I then called Joe back and told him that I've left a message with his partner, but expect him ot take necessary action to see I get repaid. It's been three days with no contact from Joe. I'm sick of chasing him down and hearing his excuses. Now, my only option is to take him to small claims court.

So sad, I liked Joe. He's very nice in person but had no problem sticking it to me when it came time to do the right thing. I may not win in small claims, I don't know what's going to happen, but at least he'll have to lie under oath in order for me to loose!

If your considering contracting this guy, know that much of the work he did on my stairs he did in my garage very late at night. The neighbors were angry with the noise and my garage was covered with a 1/2in. of dust. It was strange watching a movie with my wife at 11:00 PM and having Joe come in and out of the house to measure, then back in the garage to cut. From the start the project was to be done by Thanksgiving. It was not completed until after New Years.

We now have a beautiful staircase, well worth the money, but the cost in time and frustration dealing with Joe was never worth it. Did I mention the drywall finish is a joke?

I learned later he also owes a friend of mine (also in Castle Rock) over $4000 in work never completed.

I hear he divorced and moved to California still doing woodworking and stair cases in 2007 or 8.

caslte rock, Colorado

joeseph johnson woodworking stairs

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