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My family and I love the OBX, but had a really bad experience when using Joe Lamb Jr Realty. Here is our story and their response.


On our arrival, August 7th, the front door would not open. Which we later learned is a very common issue in the OBX due to the wind and salt water. This wasnt a big issue since the door in the carport worked just fine. Once we brought our luggage in, we noticed that the floors were covered with dirt and sand. It was very obvious that the floors had not been swept or vacuumed after the last tenants. While unpacking our luggage, we found our bathrooms for both master bedrooms to have mold growing around the tub and hair in it. Some of the dishes in the kitchen were put away dirty, food still stuck on plates, utensils and cups. Needless to say, the first day was a cleaning day for the family. A little mold was left for the inspector to take pictures.

On our second day, August 8th, the kids went out to play on the play structure. The grass/weeds were growing higher than the swings around the property. The swimming pool was acceptable at this point. Its understandable that debris will be blown in. My husband cleaned it out for the family. I called and spoke with Susan Pruitt about the issues and was told she will send someone out to take care of everything.

On the third day, August 9th, a crew showed up and started cutting the grass/weed with out saying a word to us. The family was enjoying the pool that morning. The cuttings from the grass and weeds were blown all over our vehicles. The top was off our jeep and the cuttings were blown into it. More cuttings and debris were blown all over the Charger which had just been detailed and Caravan that had been thoroughly cleaned. While we were at the pool the cuttings and debris were blown all over the family, myself included and the pool area. I was sitting on the edge of a chair watching the children and was covered from head to toe, front to back. We all had to rinse in the outside shower and then take full showers and wash the clothes we were wearing. My brother went out and discussed the situation with the crew, and moved his vehicle so it wouldnt get any further damage. I called Susan while the crew was there and explained what happened, emphasizing that the pool was full of cuttings and debris. She said she would call me back. The crew went out and blew the area with blowers but the pool had a nice layer of grass and debris on top.

I didnt hear back from her, so after a few hours I called her back. Susan said that she spoke with the crew that cut the grass and they said they cleaned the pool. She was also going to send an inspector out to survey the property. After the ordeal, we left to go out to lunch. Susan called back and asked us to meet the inspector. I explained how upset I am that we are on our third day and have not able to enjoy our vacation. Now we have to meet an inspector. We finally set a time and met with the inspector that afternoon. He took pictures of different things and talked about what our issues are. We walked out to the pool and there was a thick ring around the water line where the debris had gathered. The inspector even stated that this shouldnt be acceptable. He was going to send his report in and we will be contacted.

A couple hours later Susan called back. She said she could send a cleaning crew to clean the bathrooms but we would have to be present. The pool crew was schedule to come the next day. I can tell you at this point I was extremely frustrated. I paid to use your property and am supposed to be on vacation. I told her we will take care of the bathrooms to where we could use them, and would prefer the pool crew to come that evening.

On the fourth day, August 10th, the pool crew supposedly came and cleaned the pool. They changed the date on the sign and upped the pressure to the filter, but there still was a thick ring around the pool wall and debris in the pool. I was too upset to call back. My husband went out and cleaned the pool enough so we could enjoy it. It still needed to be drained, walls scrubbed and refilled. It is also then we found that the outside grill was filthy and had to be cleaned. On our last day, I can tell you that the property was left cleaner than how we arrived.

Needless to say my family and I were extremely dissatisfied with our vacation week. I do think we should get a refund for part of the week. We had to rearrange our vacation to clean the house, meet with the inspector, multiple phone calls and unable to use the property to the full capacity during the first 4 days.


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