Joe Hakim / note 8

1 BEIRUT, Lebanon

i sent my samsung note 8, purchased on 07/01/2018, in order to repaired, ( case number [protected])
on 18/08/2018.
They told me that due to very small scratches on the screen the guaranty wouldn't work any more. I was very surprised and very angry because of that excuse.
So i told the girl in charge to give me back my phone so i can repair it outside carrefour.
First time they tried to give me another phone(samsung a6) the second time i came they brought my note 8, i didn't accept to take it due to some damages that are visible on the phone. The battery has doubled in size or exchanged with a bad one. Knowing that i bought so many mobiles and equipment from your company, i have now a big question mark on your after sale service in the electronics. Please provide me with the best solution in order to repair my phone .

Oct 29, 2018

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