Joe Galinski Rose Electronics Florida / Visiontech components & JOe Galisnki traded military counterfeit components

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Phone: 727-363-1496

Joe Galinski of Rose Electronics and Shannon Wren of Visiontech components traded many military parts together which were bought from China, or remarked duds. These were supplied to American military organisations and other manufactures. Luckily both were affiliated with Kristal Snider and Mark Snider's ERAI.

ERAI helped them in many way selling military counterfeits. Both companies were reported way back in 2006, and 2007 for doing illegal and suspicious business but Kristal Snider chose to save them, give them protection.

Beware of Rose Electronics and ERAI. However Visiontech is already booked by authorities. Rest two crooks are still enjoying fat margin after selling military counterfeits. Kristal was beneficiary by way of getting cuts. organizing inspection and escrow with Chinese ERAI members.

Beware of two big criminals operating in USA see their pictures : Joe Galinski and Kristal Snider.

Joe Galinski Rose Electronics Florida
Joe Galinski Rose Electronics Florida

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