Joe Corley Karate - Georgia / Greedy for Money, Forging contract

Marietta, GA, United States

Enrolled my son(3 yr old) for six months, just to get a feel of the place and how my child will like it.. Weeks after, during which my son missed a number of sessions, Mr. Corley tried to convince me to sign for 3 years. I told him I will think about it, since I might lose my job in the next few weeks. He pushed me to lock in 'a good' rate by asking me to only fill out the application, so he could hold on to it till I sign the contract when I am ready. Shortly after I started to receive bills coming from a 3rd party lender. After some investigation, I found out that he sold my unsigned contract to them so the 3rd party started collecting from me. After many useless efforts of going back and forth with him and the 3rd party, I decided to drop the entire place and never gone back. In short the guy is a fake, thief, and greedy.

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