Jody HornickLifestyles vacation club

Please dont invest in this company
M my husband and I bought in this "vacation club" in 2006. We purchased their " highest level". Supreme platinum unlimited weeks for 30 years. 50, 000.00 us they also promised to pay for 2 outstanding timeshare we owned but they never did. Ok fast forward to 10 years later. These people have added 2 or three tiers above us. So now it's impossible to get a reservation for what they promised us. Villas etc and we made a reservation 8 months ago for one of their 2 bedroom unites. We have 2 other adults traveling with us. They called us 8 days before travel and downgraded us to a 1 bedroom and said tuff when we complained.
They said we had no recourse members are not owners although when we bought we were called owners. They will say anything to sell the desk. Beware all very shady.

Feb 01, 2017

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