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Jock Samson / Bait and Switch Overcharge of Services

1 Australia

I came to know of the auto repair shop from my friend who had seen it somewhere. It was a convenient place for me for the time being since I knew its location and I knew one of the people who used to repair there. A friend I knew who used to work there had transferred but I did not have something against them by them. I am one person who dislikes misjudging, who will not follow reviews to condemn someone or do not prefer bad mouthing people. I do not know what went wrong since I had a horrible experience with the auto repair shop. Is it because I do not know much about the car, because I am a woman, because I am a totally new customer from a different town or maybe the many negative reviews of the auto shop I see on their website are true. This I can hardly tell.No keyword just write the review.

My car hit a pavement and landed on a big pitch leaving it dented and every time I started it it would just go off. The auto shop was just a kilometre away from my location and so I decided to get their before I get to cause any accident. Firstly let me give them some credit which can earn them one star, the customer who was right before me had a similar situation and they offered to give him a loan car that he could use meanwhile. Anyway a loan car would not work for me since I did not need it.

What makes this mechanics different from those others that earn five stars in their reviews is customer convenience, costs and overall customer experience. The place is only opened during M-F hours and business hours making it extremely difficult to get an oil change when you need your car to commute. More so you cannot book an appointment late in the afternoon. I got there with an hour left to close the business and I was turned away. I was in the middle of nowhere, getting late for a night meeting, it was the nearest place I could get and the just turn me away. Such an argent repair should be treated as a quick service since it was just an emergency. I had to incur an extra cost to call some people to pull my car to another repair shop that was more than 20 kilometres away. The other shop was 20 minutes to close the business but they attended to me very fast. Not that they did not have other clients but they had enough personnel and cared about their customers.

Another problem I encountered with them was the hiked prices. There is an additional cost for synthetic oil of about 80 per cent of the oil change at the dealer. The repair costs and parts costs was higher in the auto repair than other shops I have ever visited that surround that shop. Making their prices higher than the competitor's costs it could have taken me triple to get my car repaired where it was damaged. Going there I had an idea that independent garages charge less than dealership but I was surprised by this experience.

That is my experience; it made me loose a very important meeting and made me learn my lesson. Never ignore review of a mechanics that are made by others. Always take a time to review them and take necessary precautions. A mechanic can really frustrate you and give you one of the worst experiences. I will never go back to that mechanic ever again.

Jul 13, 2015

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