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Hi, there! Greetings from Europe! First jobs100 did the best for me. Everything- explanations, documents, contracts…Terrible story for me  For couple of weeks I got to Dublin. My job now is all about I dreamed of – I am working with children – day care assistant. I have university education for teacher and this job makes me feel useful and happy! New life, new friends, new experience… Thank you all people in this company! Jobs100 do professional work for their users!


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      Jul 07, 2009
    jobs100 - Yes - It is worth working with them!
    United Kingdom

    Hello! Jobs100 gave me one more chance to feel like a human being!
    I read this message and decided to tell you about my case. Most of the things in this story are similar to mine. Everything began when I lost my job in Philippines. I worked 13 years as a teacher in English but one day I had to quit. My life changed. I couldn’t find appropriate work more than a year. Some of my friends had left the country 2 years ago and they suggested me looking for a job in other countries. I found Jobs100 by chance. But it was one of the best luck I’ve ever had  They explained me everything, prepared everything which was necessary, gave me courage when I needed, found the best position for me in Dublin. My daughter came here one month ago and now when she is back to Philippines, she is preparing to start the procedure with Jobs100, because she liked it here! We are not going to stay here forever, but it is a great opportunity to help your families and to see interesting and new cultures. If you are going to work abroad, it is worth working with Jobs100. Don’t be afraid, they are professionals!

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      Aug 20, 2009

    I have read both positive and negative insights regarding jobs100 in this sight.. I too had been applying for jobs100 and waiting for the documents. In the way things happen here in the philippines it's hard to tell what is true and what is not. Maybe what happened to us whether it is good or bad it is not right to blame anybody but ourselves. We are the one who make our own decisions. Maybe after this some of you other would say bad things about me but for me what i say is true. You have the freedom to research information from the company you are applying for. reading with this articles on negative reactions about recruitment agencies abroad make some of our people feel disappointed and afraid to try to work abroad. I just wanna give a little points for some people out there.. Whether how hard life is on you please make your own decisions, research and have your own understanding. People can say everything he wants about everybody and you have the choice to believe or not but if i were you make us of your mind try to find out. Its not bad to stick with your people but its also not bad to try and prove to yourself and find out what's true from false. God Bless you all.

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