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I was recently searching through job postings (i.e. Career Builder, Monster, ect.) and I came across I had never heard of it, but it was on the front page of Google while searching "jobs." I didn't think I had any reason to question it. I applied for a couple of jobs, and after being deterred by the large amount of ads, I quit posting. Little did I realize that both of these "Customer Service" jobs were for Career Network A.K.A JobNab A.K.A The Internet Company. Once I realized the company asking for an interview was named "The Internet Company" I immediately did some research. The guy that owns all three companies has been in trouble for fraud before, there are complaints all over the place and the BBB rating for these companies and all associated companies are between C and F. I immediately canceled my interviews and I thought I had dodged the bullet as long as I kept an eye on my credit.
I am currently in college and have no interest in transferring while I have one CREDIT left to receive my degree. Nevertheless, I have received three phone calls today telling me that they were told by Career Network that I was interested in furthering my education. Every time they have called I have said the same thing. "I am enrolled in college this semester. I have NO interest in transferring. If you don't take me off your list I will involve my lawyer." They don't care. I am calling my lawyer tomorrow.

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  • Jo
      21st of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Hi Kaysie,

    I'm sorry you have not had a good experience using our website. If you are receiving calls about school, it's because you indicated you were interested in receiving information. If that's not the case, please click unsubscribe on any emails you get. Since you did tell the schools on the phone that you weren't interested, they will stop calling you.

    If you receive any more calls or emails after unsubscribing, please send me an email at so I can investigate the matter and be sure that you are placed on the appropriate lists to not be contacted again.

  • Sc
      27th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Not only is this business a total scam, they are evil! They collect your info by hiring unemployed people as "agents", pay them peanuts...sometimes, I guess when they feel like it. I did some checking myself seeings how I live down the street in Orlando from this so called business. I found out they have been rated the worst possible rating by the Orange County FL BBB. I called JobNab and the supervisor replied to me that Disney World isn't listed with the BBB either and that it costs $4000 a year to be listed. I then proceeded to call the BBB and they said "That is a lie". It does not cost that much. Laws are made because of people like this doing business and this scam is perfect reason of why. They circumnavigate the laws by hiring a third party and pay,, ect to gain access to the resumes of people that post theses sites. After finding this out I promptly reported this agency to the Attorney Generals Office of Florida AND the Federal Trade Commission for running a "deceptive business practice". I have it my way, they will all become part of the homeless problem in Orlando, or better yet in Federal Prison for 10-25 years. Your day is coming JobNab, you better enjoy it while you can!

  • Jo
      27th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm sorry, but your information is woefully incorrect. The "Agents" you refer to are Job Scouts who are hired to locate open positions in their assigned market and post those openings into the JobNab system. Scouts are paid a commission of the fees users pay to access the full contact details for that job.

    The most common reason for the complaints we receive from the handful of scouts who claim that they are not being paid is that they have earned no commissions. This is typically because they did not post the recommended number of jobs, posted the jobs incorrectly, or otherwise did not follow the directions covered in training. Some also express surprise that the job is commission after a few weeks on the job, although that's covered at every stage of orientation and training and appears in most public forums about the job.

    Scouts who earn commissions are paid every two weeks like clockwork.

    As was probably explained to you on the phone, the Better Business Bureau is a for-profit company, not a government agency. They are a mediary that collects complaints from consumers and asks the businesses to respond. They earn profit from membership dues paid by businesses, but companies are in no way obligated to become members. We have chosen not to allocate any resources towards a yearly membership fee that benefits our company very little. Still, when contacted by the BBB with a consumer complaint we respond, as can be seen on the BBB report for our business.

    Currently, we have a C- rating, but that's because of the time we've been in business. We have received only 5 complaints and responded to them all. Now, if we were really only paying our scouts "peanuts...sometimes, I guess when [we] feel like it, " don't you think there would be more complaints than just five?

    Finally, you have a severe misunderstanding of the online employment industry if you think that we are in violation of any laws. Most major job board's business is based on charging employers and staffing agencies to either post jobs or gain limited access to their resume database. If you've posted a resume on a job board, and were contacted about a job, someone paid to read your resume. You can read more about the services, and the charges associated with this business at Monster's site:

    Currently, their "Power Resume" search, which is for 7 days or 100 resumes, is at a cost of $390 to employers and agencies.

    I hope this addresses all of your concerns about JobNab.

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