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How about a company address so we know what state this company is in? Relevant? Yes i believe so.

Also, could you describe what happened in the deal. Simply posting to a site "this company ripped me off". Then arguing fraud with out a description of what happened, is a waste of every ones time that reads the posts here. I mean really, one sentence, you just needed to get it off your chest didn't you?


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      Jun 19, 2009

    I will not give my address.I will give a brief summary in May of 2007 shortly before I left for Iraq I got in with several investors from Arizona and she offered a investment in a land deal in molokai hawaii.We gave her x amount of money depending on how many plots.She strung us along saying she was going to pay us and had no intention to.She has scammed multiple other investors in other states that I have personally spoken with.The amounts are staggering that she took them for.

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      Jun 20, 2009

    they were in fort pierce flordia, also they used vessel enterprises and that is located in deland flordia and is listed in public records

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