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J&K Associates / Unethical business!

1 United States

I have worked for J&K Associates aka Kirby. Everything was lies! I started working for John Harris VI, he's a scam artist! You basically work your ### off for a week and he tells you at the end of your training that you won't be getting paid for training. ... Even though I asked about pay roll a few days before, which my question was answered by a bunch of bull and ignored until the last day of training. He made us sign a bunch of legal documents and sent us on our way to sell the Kirby. So I went on my way and started my 'practice' demonstrations, starting with my sister and her fiance. The presentation went well and my sister loved the machine. During my visit to my sister's house I got a phone call from my manager telling me that he would be over to help me out with 'the sale' my sister was angry, she really didn't want strangers in her house to try and sell her something she wasn't going to buy. Anyways she was helping me out so I could practice. She is getting married this May and she would rather spend her money on something towards the wedding, not a $2000 plus vacuum. My manager came over and was very high pressure... my sister said she would think about it and that I had to close the deal. About a hour later I got a call from my boss, John Harris. He asked how everything was going and I told him that they decided that it's not the right time to make that kind of investment. He asked to speak to my sister's future husband. I gave the phone to him and John was pressuring him and actually making him feel very angry that someone would do this to a new employee. I got the phone back and John started to put me down. Saying 'Do you know why you didn't get the sale? It's because you didn't show the product right and you didn't know what you were doing' He also went on to telling me how bad of a sales person I was and just kept cutting me down. I find this Harassment! why would you say this to your new employee on their first demonstration which was suppose to be practice. This guy can come off as such a great guy and he treats you really well until you don't make a sale on your first show! It's all a scam and this needs to stop!

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