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JJVenturesInc / rent paid/threat to vacate in 5 days notice

1 Hampton virginia, VA, United States Review updated:

I had to sell my home in a hurry so i didnt lose it this company appeared to be nice, helpful etc, Ive made my payments on time never late, my October payment was mailed like the other payments it takes 1 day from here to reach them by mail.
October 2, 2008 i mailed the payment from my job observed the mail man takeing the mail.

I get a call telling me they sent a letter to the resident giveing us 5 days to move. i at once called the company to be talked to very hateful, we didnt get your payment we go by the postal date, i advised the lady the payment was mailed from my job and i observed the mail man getting the mail. She was very hateful talking seeing i got know place with her i called the owner of the company at which she was very hateful and appeared to very short talking to me, demanded did i call the name on the letter, yes i did infact and she was know help and was hateful. i assumed the owner would be more reasonable and understanding on this issue beings she was well aware all paymnets so far was on time. Well i thought very wrong, i got know place with her either as she was too busy to talk and hung up on me. She and her partner was really nice ans sweet when they bought my home, now i see there true ways by this issue.

I then called the 1st lady back and demanded she check her mail, she told me she was not at the office and hadent been there for a few days, and i was 1 of the 60 people who didnt pay there rent. This angered me now by this comment when i infact mailed my payment.

I waited several hours and called her back and asked did you check your mail yet? She then advised me she had to call the accountant and see, so in fact the mail didnt go to your office it went to another location. she would call the accountant and let me know.
1 day went by i again called her back i wanted an answer. didnt get one then.

Later on that same day she infact talked to the accountant and yes indeed they got the payment dated October 02, 2008 she told me the owner would wave the $70.00 late fee and another $50.00 fee this month talking nice to me now. I didnt get a were sorry for treating you like we did or accusing you of being 1 of 60 people who didnt pay there rent, or were sorry we mailed you a move out notice in 5 days.

I now see what this company is all about, they buy a home be nice about it due to the fact they got a home for half the price its actully worth, i lost over $40, 000.00 in eguity and to be told you have to go in 5 days when in fact they got there rent payment and i know it was on time if it hadent been i would have to pay the late fees.

I dont take it lightly being threatened as this when i paid the rent. The check was deposited and cashed.

A landlord by law has to mail a notice of intent to move if in fact rent wasent paid, thats not the case here.

Only a court of law can issue a vacate order when rent isnt paid. then it takes time to get this hear in court which takes more than 5 days. then the court gives a renter time to vacate the residents.

Look up tenant/ landlord codes what you can do legally and cannot do to a renter when in fact they pay there rent.

To get my home back after a year and i was promised i could extend the renting for 2 or 3 months @ a higher rent each month at the fair market value at that time @ which we all see homes are going down in price every month.

I see how i am treated now, who knows what the future will bring with this company. All future dealings with this company will be noted any phone confersations will be noted the date and time and person i spoke to.

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  • Ro
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    I am currently in the market for a rental home in the city of Virginia Beach. I found one that peeked my intrust. I called and left a message with my contact information. The following Day I called again and a female by the name of Diane answered. I then told her that I was calling in regards to a particular property and she began to discribe the property for me. When she told me the price I told her was I was quoted and she she stated NO that is not what I was quoted. I told her I had it in my email and again she insisted that I was not quoted that price. She became very short and rude! she proceeded to over talk me and then hung up. I stood there not understanding why this woman acted in that manner. I called back and she had the audacity to tell me that I had a negetive attitude and the conversation was over. I then decided I would text her and let her know that I would be sure to get in touch with the principles of this company to let them know of her unprofessionalism and it did not phase her..! I will not do business with this company and believe the experience stated in the earlier complaint.

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