Jin Jidosha Companymy deposit of us $1000. has not been refunded.

I am Mr. Rameshlall Cheeneebash from Mauritius. I make a deposit of US $ 1000. to Mr. Brian Oscar the Manager of Jin Ji Dosha for auction in June 2 2017. In his mail of 21/06/2017 he persuaded me to make payment Tomorrow. I intended to purchase a car make Toyota Aqua model GGs. They were taking so long to find me the car and finally I bought a car from another company in Japan. According to the law in Mauritius I cannot import another car before 5 yrs. I have explained my problem to the company and according to Mr. Jason Fernandez he was ready to refund me .On 28/06/2018 Mr. Jason Fernandez send me a mail asking me my Bank details and copy of my ID card to make the refund. On 02/07/2018 I send him all the details and he certified having received same. Though I send several mails to Mr. Jason Fernandez and even to the Manager Brian Oscar on the 10/10/2018 I have not received any reply yet. I am very disappointed to see such big company from Japan not caring to refund such a tiny sum of US $1000. of my well earned money. I wish to point out that I am a retired officer of the Government of Mauritius.Hoping you take my complaint into consideration and will hear from you very soon.

Nov 21, 2018

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