Jim Salerno Buick GMC / Poor customer service

Randolph, NJ, United States

After speaking with the sales person over the phone and via email, they told me they could get my vehicle for me from another dealership. We stopped by and put our deposit down and they asked if we could come in the next buisness day to pick it up. We said, we could not but we could do it soon after. The price that they gave for the vehicle was very competitive and they worked on us on a decent (but not the best) price for our trade in. We were happy with the service that we had gotten and thought it was a great experience.

I thought they had already spoken with the other dealership and were getting the vehicle for us. It was a huge surprise when the next buisness day, my sales person called and we were told that the car they proposed to us at another dealership had sold and was no longer available. Instead they could get another one at another dealer or it be built. (I found out later that that vehicle at the other dealership had NOT sold over the weekend).

Since we needed the vehicle within a certain time frame, having it built was not an option, and getting it from another dealer worried me since they weren't able to get the one we wanted in the first place. In the second place, the other one at the other dealer did not have the options or the color that we wanted.

When I asked to get my deposit refunded to me since we were no longer interested in pursing the purchase, I was told that I had to physically go back to the dealership to have the money refunded. Unfortuantely, this is not a good option since they are very far from my home. I wasn't made aware of this when I put my deposit down. I have emailed the sales person and have not received a response back. So when I called the dealership about the refund, they explained that I would have to come in person since they do not refund over the phone. If I had known this, I would never had put a deposit down until I KNEW they could get the vehicle in question.

I don't understand why they would have me put money down on a vehicle that they couldn't get in the first place. It seemed very shady and a bit like a bait and switch. I am very unhappy and this has left a very sour taste in my mouth especially since its going to be extremely difficult to get my deposit back.

I would not recommend ANYONE to go to this dealership.

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