Jillian Michaels Diet Bookscammed $52 instead of shipping cost of $4.95

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On the back page of the Parade Magazine...was an ad for a free Jillian Michaels Diet Book witch stated $4.95 Shipping was all you would pay for the book.
When I checked my statement, they charged $52 because at the bottom is a box
to check that basically signs you up for the diet club at $4 a week.
When I called to complain and ask for my money back, all they would refund
was $ the $4.95 shipping turned into $16. Luckily, I caught it before it went
any further.
I am writing to the company plus called PayPal and my credit card company
and hope to get back the rest of the money. This is a scam for sure!

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  • Fi
      Jul 11, 2009

    I purchased the book via Parade magazine for the $4.95 shipping fee, and yes, you are right that they signed you up for Jillian's online program at a rate of $4.00 a week, BUT, if you were paying any attention to the person on the other end of the phone, you would have known that at any time during that free-trial period, you could cancel your membership and only be charged the $4.95 for the book. I checked out her online program which is amazing, but her eating plan didn't mesh with my lifestyle because I'm a vegetarian, so I called the number to cancel and they took care of me with no problems, and they still send me emails with great tips for FREE! So for those of you who still want to get the book, go ahead, it is NOT a scam, you just need to pay attention and if you don't want to pay to be a member in her online program, then you need to (as I'm sure Jillian would say) get off your butt and do something about it!

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  • Ad
      Oct 14, 2009

    I ordered Jillian Michaels dvds on and was given a "free 2 week trial" to the Jillian Michaels website. I logged on briefly to see what it looked like and it didn't look like anything I'd be interested in. I never looked or thought about it again until I received a $53 bill on my bank statement from I had no idea, nor did I ever give my credit card information. The only thing I can assume is that shared my credit card information.They are refusing to refund the full amount even though I never even asked for the "free two week trial" and didn't even spend long enough time on the website to read the small print that says, 'by logging on to your free trial you would have to cancel or be charged $53.' I feel robbed.

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  • So
      Nov 18, 2009

    I paid for and you can cancel at any time but how? there is no phone number to cancel ive called and tried no one will respond to me...I feel scammed.

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  • Ja
      Dec 29, 2009 SCAMMED me $52 also!!! I ordered it the 16th of Dec and cancelled on the 14th day (2 weeks) figuring with Xmas holidays and closures i would still have time and they refused saying it was already the 2 weeks and that was the I paid$4.95 + $52 for some website access and got the dumb book I dont even want now...I was always a fan of hers but not after this bs...

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  • Pe
      Jan 21, 2010

    watch out for the online program - you cannot cancel, unless they offer you a free trial. So, to look at the program you commit for 14 weeks at $52. I tried cancelling after 2 days and was told I couldn't. The customer service number is either busy, plays music or recorded messages for a long time. E-mail responses are delayed (we are experiencing a high volume of e-mail and it may take us a couple of days to respond...) and then they try to mislead you (yes, we'll cancel your personal coaching plan, but they don't tell you that cancellation means they won't renew, so you are still on the hook for the $52). All in all, a website designed to mislead the consumer and maximize their profits in the short-term.

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  • Fa
      Feb 03, 2010

    Don't sign up for this "free" book trial bs. I was given "an exception" and refunded $26 of the $52 they charged me. This is a scam. Read the fine print. Even though they say they charge $4 per week after a 2 week "free" trial you will be charged the full quarterly amount ($4 x 13 weeks) $52. After my free trial I was charged not $4 for this week (i caught the charge last night on my bank statement), but $26 for one week. Good job Jillian for getting hundreds of people to sign up for a scam. I guess you're making that extra money you obviously need so desperately by essentially stealing it. I've learned my lesson. Thank you, Jillian.

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  • He
      Mar 04, 2010

    i agree, this is a huge ripoff. they bill your account right away. they billed me for $52 for nothing but access to a website for 3 months. then they say they "can't" do anything to remove the charge after it's billed. b.s.

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  • Gm
      May 10, 2010

    And after you try to cancel your membership, they promise they'll not bill you again and auto renew after 3 months. Don't count on it, just found they charged another $52 for the crummy website again, despite personal assurances from the billing department person via email back in February that it was all permanently cancelled. Still haven't heard back from them yet via email, and am beyond furious at having to waste my time like this.

    For good diet tools use Spark People (free) or Calorie King (paid, but better interface for keeping track of calories).

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  • Sc
      Jun 09, 2010

    I signed up for a week of the online program, I read the info on the website that it was billed for 13 weeks but you could cancel at anytime and be prorated. I found the website to be not user friendly at all, so I tried to cancel. Of course you can't navigate the website at all to find out where to cancel, so emailed to cancel. At that point I had already been billed the $52 out of my bank account, plus $36 insufficient funds fee because I wasn't expecting the charge to go through. When they finally answered me, I was told that the $52 was non-refundable but that I would have "full access" to the benefits of the website for 2 more months. I am NOT happy...

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  • Ca
      Jul 11, 2010

    My wife was lured into sending for this free book from Jillian Michaels and inadvertently agreed to the Terms of Service with out reading them, as no mention of the additional expenditures was mentioned either in the Parade advertisement nor the body of the online ad. This type of deceptive and dishonest solicitation while its legality is questionable it is certainly unethical. Fortunately my wife paid by credit card so I am contesting their charge. I have sent the book back to Everyday Health in Massachusetts, complained to Parade Productions, NBC and to Ms. Michaels website. To those who contend that it is the fault of the consumer for not reading the fine print they should be aware that those solicitors who use these dishonest tactics prey on fans trusting celebrities so they can be easily scammed. If this offer were on the up and up there would be no need for Ms. Michaels to refuse full refund to dissatisfied customers at any time as all reputable merchants do.

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  • Aj
      Jul 14, 2010

    Ok, so I don't know much about this woman, but it sounds to me like she, along with alot of others who market "miracle diets", make getting in shape, and losing weight, alot more complicated than it needs to be. So, I just figured I'd say what has worked for me for staying in shape. NO, I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL SOMETHING, and NOT CRITICIZING ANYONE.. For the diet, first eliminate all "junk" foods (if you have them in your house, just get rid of them).. When you go to the grocery store, just get vegetables and fruits, and replace your "snacks" with them. I know what you're thinking.. probably something along "I don't want to eat things that taste like wet gym socks." Well they don't have to. Cherries, peaches, clementines, apples all taste great. And, for the kids, you can buy little packets of apples that come with a little carmel dipping sauce. Take bags of fruit with you to work, Eat a good breakfast, and about halfway between breakfast and lunch, eat a piece or two of fruit. At lunch, have 2 servings of vegetables (this could be one trip through the salad bar) along with something else consisting of some lean meat and carbs. Later, have some more fruit, and make a good dinner, consisting of the similar template of lunch, but a little bigger... For dessert, you can make a kinda "phony ice cream, " as I like to call it. Just use vanilla yogurt, maybe a little fruit, some nuts, and freeze it. You wont know the difference!!

    Also, I know that we live a life on the go, but just because you only have time for fast food, doesn't mean you cant eat healthy. Instead of a burger, get a grilled chicken sandwhich with the vegetables on it, and either ask for no mayo, or scrape all of some of it off.. Most of the big chain restaraunts such as Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Wendy's, etc, have healthy choices...

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  • Ma
      Jan 23, 2011


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  • Sh
      Feb 20, 2011

    I too was scammed by this "free book" offer. I did not catch the first charge and not until the second was charged did I figure out what was going on. Obviously I hadn't been to the website because I didn't even know about it. I haven't gotten anywhere near getting any of my $104.00 back even though they have given me nothing for it. I have never logged onto the website even. This is a totally bogus operation and they should be shut down and fined for unethical marketing practices. Especially the automatic renewal that goes on and on whether its used or not. The people at customer service are very rude and have a rehearsed "mantra" speech about two weeks to cancel etc. Even if I agree to that (which I did not) what authority did they have to charge me again? I was never notified that they would be charging again. This a dirty way to do business!!

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  • Se
      Feb 23, 2011

    If at anytime you enter your credit card information you should read the terms of service. I decided to take a look at this website. You can't recieve the book without agreeing to the free trial. This is obvioiusly a promotional offer, promoting her site. Their Terms of Service are about a paragraph long explaining that you will be billed and how it will bill if you do not cancel before the free trial ends. l. They then follow up with a confirmation or "welcome" letter which contains their phone number. If you visit the site and click on the FAQ button it tells you how to contact them to cancel your account. It provides and email address. You can also click on the cleverly worded link entitled "contact us" Who would have thunk? There's also a Need Help? Link which also provides how to contact them via email or by phone. You can also log into your account/profile and click on the billing history. There is a link there that leads you to customer service. Now I found that this website was one of the easiest to find their contact information. It's a shame that people don't want to take a few minutes to locate important information that had already been previously sent to them. The fact that people get refunds on nonrefundable plans is an awesome thing. I wish in my previous experiences where I feel I was "duped" I would have had their success in retrieving lost money. People please pay attention to what you are doing and take responsibility for your actions.

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