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Recently (6/12/2010) we had our 2008 Chevy Corvette into Jiffy Lube 884 Blossom Hill Rd. San Jose, Ca. 95123 for an oil change. Their "signature oil change" includes change of oil (synthetic), and top off all other fluids.
On 8/10/2010) our vehicle needed to be towed to the Chevrolet Dealership at 905 W. Capitol Expwy San Jose, Ca. 95136. We currently have 15, 000 mi. on this vehicle as we do not drive it as a primary vehicle. The tow service was AAA. That afternoon we received a call with questions as to where this vehicle has been. Since there has been no previous mechanical issues. The manager explained that the clutch is in-op, pedal went to the floor. Tech verified with inspection of the clutch fluid, found seal for container distorted, some type of red fluid has contaminated system-possibly ATF or P/S fluid. Necessary to replace clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder incl. hoses, replaced, now everything checked out fine.. Total $2626.62 which is not included on the warrantee because the oil change was not serviced at dealership.
We rented a car for 5 days as we needed another vehicle. Hertz $700.00.
Jiffy Lube was contacted when we were first called for diagnosis. The response was who was on the invoice that did the service? "He messes up he needs to be fired". When the work is complete call us back. We in turn have our vehicle back on 8/18/2010. With providing all documents and by the way the parts with fluids that are Hazardous are still at the dealership if need to go to court. Jiffy Lube and their district manager REFUSE to pay. I will indeed go to court now I will add for the time off and any other fees.

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      Jul 11, 2012

    Cut to the chase. You need to get lawyer and file a lawsuit now!
    . JIFFY LUBE is an ongoing criminal enterprise in my opinion.
    You will get NOTHING from them unless you start the process and drag them into court.
    Sue for legal costs, rental replacement, lost time from work plus all the car damages in small claims court.
    JIFFY LUBE ruined my truck's 4x4y transmission.
    I got nothing from JIFFY LUBE but lies and the run-around until I started the legal papers!
    THEY FORGOT TO PUT DRAIN PLUG ALL THE WAY IN. All the ATF LEAKED and smoked the transmission. $4800 +
    JUST SUE THE ^$#@.
    Small claims court usually is less then fifty dollars to file suit.
    Document as much as possible now and get signed statements from anyone and everyone AAA, CHEVY DEALER etc. The guy who screwed up at Jiffy Lube.and tape all/any conversations with Jiffy Lube.
    JUST GOOGLE jiffy lube + complaints. YOU WILL GET ABOUT 125, 000 RETURNS

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