JHT Pest Pros / All Pest Pros / Rip off people way over priced

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This company loves to scam people!! They will tell you that you have a rat problem and bring a dead rat from some where else!! They take advantage of the elder!! They will make it seem like you need there service!! Many people have complaint that they never had any rat problem and had a family member check out there attic and there was never NO sign of rats!! Then when you call them, you are already in contract with them so pretty much you are screwed! As far as termites, they never do a full complete inspection, they are taught to half azz it and go according to the area you live in! If you look like you have money they will charge you a ridiculous price! One of the owners was an owner of Jeff Hyiatt and he is a scam artist!! They change there name but I hope people review them before they call them out! Ask me how I know this because I was customer service and dealt with customer complaints all day!! I was told I get too emotionally involved with customers because I felt bad for what they were doing!!  BEWARE!!! FIND ANOTHER COMPANY!!! SERIOUSLY YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T...  EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THEM!! THEY NOW CHANGED THERE NAME AGAIN.. WENT FROM JEFF HIATT TO JHT PEST PROS AND NOW ALL PEST PROS!!!


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