JG Tax Group / Unscrupulous Biz Practices

1 Deerfield Beach FL, United States

JG would not refund any part of fee after moved case based on legal advice.
I contacted JG Tax Group to resolve an IRS audit issue. I paid $5900 up front. Upon advice from counsel I needed to consolidate previous matters before tax court that were already in appeal with this issue. JG did not advise me of this. I hired a law firm to represent in these matters and asked JG for a refund. Their agreement states no refund, but they did not do any work other than mail power of attorney forms to IRS. They would not even consider a partial refund. In response to the BBB complaint, JG Tax Group claimed I contested credit card payment. I did. But they fought it and it has not been refunded to date. AVOID THIS FIRM AT ALL COSTS!!!

Jul 2, 2015

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