Jewish Feminism / Has transformed american women into depressed diseased drug addicted ####

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Jewish feminism has transformed american women into depressed diseased drug addicted #

While jewish women routinely enjoy a nuclear family, replete with a husband whom she takes care of and dotes over, expecting the same level of commitment from her husband, generally dutifully raising her children and running the household, supporting her husband in his workplace, and steadfastly loyal throughout, these jewish women become “feminazis” as soon as they leave their households and interact with non-jewish women and men.

This is because jews by nature, hate competition, and want to be the only ones on the block with a healthy and balanced family, while poisoning and advocating behavior and characteristics to the “goyim” (Non-jewish) community about the “female virtues” of complete and total independence from a man, freedom, rampant promiscuity and drug use (Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication are their favorite prescribed drug of choice for young, white women so that they can become compliant sex and employee slaves for their jewish husbands), running away from marriage/relationships/commitment as “oppressive, ” and other such destructive crap.

The end result, with jewish domination of the media, television and the movies, is an entire generation or 2 of american women who are hopelessly drug-addicted, ravaged with disease from the sheer amount of ####s they suck and ####, psychologically and mentally ruined from the countless sexual relationships they have had, totally isolated and insecure due to no meaningful male (Or female) relationships in their lives, emotionally deadened by the time they reach their mid-20s due to the above described behavior, totally untrusting, untrustworthy, and unable to trust anyone, vulnerable to sexual predators, incapable of becoming good and healthy mothers, afraid of marriage, and addicted to money for sex as a means to earn a living.

These women have become literal vermin, diseased harlots doomed to walk the night alone and destroyed.

Russian president vladimir putin has seen what 70 years of jewish-created and controlled communism, with its god-less ways, literally destroyed the souls of russian women and families, when it pushed out god and christianity from the minds of men and women.

This is why he re-introduced christian patriarch kirill back into an advisory role in his new russian federation government, which he began to build back when he took power in 2000 from the drunken boris yeltsin, who himself took over after 70 years of communism began to fall in 1989, after the russian communist (Jewish) oligarchs had already thoroughly looted and raped the country of its wealth, riches, culture, families, and integrity of its women for 70 years since the october communist revolution of 1917.

America desperately needs to be re-calibrated on its moral compass once more, and christianity, while not literally becoming the law of the land, should also have some type of advisory role in the united states, just like putin re-instituted in his home country of russia.

Unfortunately the jewish neo-con communists of america have slowly and methodically removed and extricated any and all christian values from the united states, replacing it with luciferianism and hedonism.

Mar 31, 2017
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  • Su
      Apr 14, 2017

    Wow- you've managed to be both a blatant misogynist and extreme Nazi all in one "complaint". What is wrong with you? Were you neglected as a small child? You sound bitter as hell so it's likely you've never gotten laid, no wonder you hate women. Yikes. I feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with you on a regular basis.

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