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I ordered the "I Love You" ring, and I was sent the ring and a FREE pair of PEARL earrings...the pearls DID NOT match, the pouch was cheap and the ring is not what I thought it would be...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Spokane, WAso I sent an email and canceled the account right away. I have been charged again...they have been reported to the on-line BBB and to the Trustee site that they are signed up with...and I file a charge of fraud against and signed papers at my bank yesterday to that.

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  • Mz
      May 01, 2008

    Sorry folks...I put my own address and phone on the post directly above this one...I am sorry for that.

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  • Te
      May 03, 2008

    You get what you pay for. Did you expect 18kt gold and rubies and emeralds? Have you checked the price of gold lately? I got mine today and am pleased with it. It is 10kt gold with gemstones that were not represented to be rubies, emeralds and like. There was no charge for the freshwater pearl earrings or the pouch. Freshwater pearls seldom match. That is one of the differences between them and the saltwater pearls. However, 40 years ago I could have gotten a 24" string of matching saltwater pearls in Woolworth's because they were not "wild", they were from the new "cheap" commercially farm-raised oyster beds ('cultured pearls') for $19.95. I remember the price because my grandmother told me they were not the "real" thing. That same type of pearl is now 90% of the market and maybe more and worth somewhere around, what, 1, 200.00 to 2, 000.00? Hold on to your freshwater pearls folks, they will increase in value, without property taxes having to be paid on them like your house does. I will check the billing though just in case.

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  • Ma
      Apr 02, 2009

    I am experiencing the same problem. I keep trying to cancel and they kep charging my credit card even though I did not give it to them!!! Every time I try to cancel they have a new excuse. THESE PEOPLE ARE THIEFS!!!

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  • Ch
      Jul 26, 2009

    Poor little me! I got SCAMMED because I can't read the TERMS OF SERVICE. I just love to get jewelry through the mail every month because there are NO stores LOCALLY that has any jewelry that I like. I also like buying a "pig in the poke", sight unseen, because I just KNOW it will be MUCH better quality than ANYTHING I can get LOCALLY.

    I also just LOVE to serf the internet and give out my credit information to a website I never heard of before. This is the MOST fun thing a stupid person, such as myself, can EVER do.

    Another most fun thing to do is to answer the ads I see and hear on TV & RADIO.
    I love the weight loss pills, buying houses for $400.00, buying all my beauty products, getting my credit card balances reduced, getting my mortgage reduced down to near nothing, the get-rich-quick schemes, (I am now rich), the penis pills for my husband or boyfriend, and thousands of other products that I just can't live without. I have a great life because I am ME.

    A fool and his or her money are soon parted...SO TRUE.

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