Jewel-Osco / jewel location 159th in central oak forest il

I went to purchase 20 diet sierra mist and was told by an employee as well as the manager that I could only purchase 10. There were no signs up limiting the amount you could buy. No explanation was given, I was just told no! I spend thousands of dollars at your store. When I see the diet sierra mist while I am there I like to purchase what I can because I am a frequent drinker of it and only shop once a month. I offered to pay cash up front to have a pallet ordered the next time an order was put in to prevent taking the stores supply and again was told no. I understand people may buy supplies from other stores then resell them elsewhere however, this is not the case with me. I work for the local garbage company in Chicago. I drink between 5-10 2 liters within a week. I should not have to go from store to store to do my shopping. If there is no limit posted I should not be told there is a limit. The way the employee as well as the manager treated me was disrespectful and uncalled for. If there is a quantity limit on what your able to purchase your able to purchase then a sign should be posted. Its no different than being able to purchase 20 cans of corn. What is the difference between myself coming in and buying 10 then my wife entering behind me buying 10 then my daughter purchasing 10? A sale is a sale and jewel is making the same amount of money whether I buy 20 or I buy 10 then my wife buys 10. There is no difference!

Mar 09, 2017

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