Jewel by sepiaIts Defective!!!!!

I have ordered a few wigs from this company before one of them being the same wig I'm complaining about. i have never had a problem with them or the wigs they have sent me until now. i understand their policys are CLEARLY stated and all the restocking fees and bla bla bla here are my email back and forth. alll i wanted was my shipping returned!!! AHHH sorry to say they lost a customer over $6

i did get my wig today and the color is great but there is a problem with the wig it self... it has a bald spot on the back of the wig where you can see the weaves. after looking at it for a little while it seems that there is missing hair that was not sewn into the weave it self. i'm not sure how you want me to send this back ? i have attached a photo to show what the problem.
so i sent it back and they called and i was soooo angry about not refunding my shipping because i felt it WAS a def. i sent them this email:
i talked with some one to day stating that my wig was not a defect that it is the way the manufacture is indeed selling them that way, and i could not get a refund for the shipping i paid out to send it to me and then to send it back to you. i am rather upset about this, i have ordered wigs from you in the past and i'm sure you can see my history of that. i have ordered this same EXACT wig in a different color and it is fine, so why would the this not be a defect? i just cant see the manufacture standing by this product and saying yes this is good and we intended for a bald spot in the back... i even sent pictures showing how bad it really was in one of my first emails. I really would like it if some one could take another look at this case to see if my shipping both ways could be returned back to me. i have been a long time customer and very faithful to bestwigoutlet and will continue to be as along as this matter gets taken care of. thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
and this is what i got back HAHAHA

Dear Valued Customer,

We have reviewed this case and also the results of our inspection and the manufacturer’s inspection and both verified that the item was not defective. Unfortunately, the store credit will remain and you can place an exchange order at any time within a year. To place an order using store credit, please call our customer service line and we will be able to process your exchange request. Thank you.
Sincerely, ~BWO

Their customer service went down the tubes, i will no longer do any business with them and the word of bad mouthing spreads much faster then any good that would come from this mouth

Jewel by sepia

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