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jetlite / Worst treatment

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I had booked 5 tickets on a JetLite flight (Flight Number-S2-402) for 14th December 2010 at 8:40pm. I was really aghast at the kind of service offered by your airline. 2 of my friend reached at 08:05pm and were allowed to board the flight and they requested your person at the frontdesk that 3 of us will be coming in some more time so can they wait. Your Representative said she will try to consider. Then when we arrived (7 minutes later according to her) she was very rude and sarcastic and was trying to show that she has the authority to do anything.I completely agree that it was our fault that we were late but I was not expecting your staff to behave in this manner. When we asked her to direct us to some higher authority she said ' i am authority here' and later we managed to talk to some higher authority. There were other such remarks made by her. Three things needs to be readdressed by you 1.> The way your staff behaved with us. 2.> Your flight took off 10 minutes earlier than scheduled, is it professional to let your flight take off EARLY when 3 passengers are missing their flight even though there were at least 25 minutes left for it to leave from schedule ( we did not have any luggage).3.> All of us were females and we were stranded at the airport at night with an important function to attend in the morning, although it was our fault that we were late (because of high traffic congestion), I am aghast at the service offered by your airlines and the inhuman nature of not considering any plea. Please redress my plight.

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  • Su
      12th of Nov, 2007
    jetlite - Baggage Missing

    My son Neeraj Kaushal travelled to Banglore from Kolkata on 10.11.2007 under PNR No.JO2EP by jetlite flight no.S2 371 & S2 432 via Bhubaneshwar booked his baggages under baggage tag no. S2 378040 & S2 378041. He could not collect his baggages after arrival at Banglore because those were not carried by aircraft. As such he reported to concerned authority about his non receipt of the baggaes containing all important documents pertaining to his final examination on 12.11.2008 of Rajib Gandhi University, Banglore in addition to clothes, money and others.
    It is a matter of great regret that inspite of his constant follow-up till this time he could not get his baggages caused a great loss due to his final examination.
    Please help him in getting the concerned articles as mentioned above with compensation too.
    Dr.Sunil Kr.Kaushal

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  • Vi
      28th of Mar, 2008
    jetlite - no claims for bagagge damage

    Hello, my name is vimal jain i was comming from delhi-vizag on 31/12/2007, and in the transit my suitcase was dammaged by the ground staff, and which was brought to the notice of the duty manager of jetlite and he has acknowledged me the receipt and later he sent a person to collect the bag, and i have informed him that the bagagae cost is 4500 and the goods damaged are 2500 worth. pay for the damage. later after few days i got a call from delhi about this and offered me a ticket for any sector one way, and later the person said that he can offer me either Vizag-mumbai or Delhi one way or delhi or mumbai to vizag,
    now as this ticket is cost approx 8k. i had no work in these sectors as of now, but i was given a vaildity for 3 months, i have requested the person to issue me Vizag-hyderadbad return which costs 6.5k, but the person says he can give only one way. and for one way why should i pay 8k. no the persons are not responding to my mails. or not giving me reimbursement of my damage.

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  • Ra
      16th of Apr, 2008

    Mr. Kaushal, File a suit against them for harrassment and contact news agencies to cover it. You will get much more than you earn daily in practicing medicine.

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  • Va
      17th of May, 2008


    We had visited Delhi for the National conference of panchayath
    presidents from April 22 to 24 th. We had booked return tickets back
    to Coimbatore on 25th April on JetLite Flight number S2 231
    at 7:10 AM . Our seat numbers are 27A, 27B and 27C. We arrived
    at the airport at 6:00 AM We had taken boarding when we arrived.
    Our boarding numbers are 84, 85 and 86. At 6:00 AM we enquired about
    boarding the flight at the Jetlite enquiry office. So they said
    that there was still enough time to report at the check in . Again at
    6:30 the same thing was said by the customer care at the check in .
    At 6:55 AMour names were announced from the flight . When we rushed to
    the check in by 6:57 AM and the people at the check in took our
    tickets by force and wrote reporting time 6:58 AM on it . All this
    seemed to be too much for a coincidence but seemed like an elaborate
    deception. The people at the office called up the pilot or some one
    then told us that it was not possible to do anything about it. Then
    we spoke to the duty manager at the airport . He told it was our
    mistake and asked us to buy new tickets for the flight at 12:30 PM,
    Flight number S2 – 255 . From what we think it seems they resold the
    ticket for a higher price.
    This whole incident was a mental strain for us and it also lead
    to the loss of 30060 Rs as the flight at 12:30 costed us by 10020
    each. We would like to know what caused such a mishap and also would
    like to be refunded for our loss, waste of time and mental strain.

    With Regards

    Mrs.Subaida Ishaque
    (Mob:- 09447096757)
    Mr. V. Ahmed Kunhi
    Mr. P.V . Ramakrishnan

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  • Al
      14th of Aug, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    I alongwith other eight members of my family travelled from delhi to port blair (30-july-08) and returned (03-aug-08) by flight no. S2-319/S2-320 of Jet lite airlines. On arrival at delhi IGI airport I found that two suit cases (tag no. S2-821769 & S2-821771) were damaged due to mishandelling of ground staff for which a complaint was got recorded/registered at counter of your airlines in the arrival lounge.The attending official (madam) issued me a yellow slip in token of having acknowledge the complaint and assured that next day a man from Jetlite would visit my residence and collect the baggages for repair. but none has so far contacted/visited me in this regard and my complaint still remains unattended even after laps of more than a week.

    Now with this complaint, i request you to get the needfull expidited and arrange me to pay the damages at the soonest please.

    thanking you
    yours faithfully
    (Aluria G S) 14 august 2008
    mob.: 09811443016, 09718262621
    A-701, lovely home apartments,
    sector - 5, plot no.5, dwarka,
    new delhi - 110075
    [protected]@il: [protected]

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  • Sa
      9th of Sep, 2008
    jetlite - reaching on time

    Since, my dad MR Abdul Majid Ali Dingankar, reach to an airport at 4:00am to catch the jetlite S2-621 flight was departure time is 4:55am., but Mr Rakesh person who was working for jetlite at luggage counter said you are late and you can not get inside the flight and need to cancel and go by other airlines. the details are as follows :-
    name :- Dingankar Abdul Majid Ali
    Flight No :- s2-621
    Date :- 10-sep-08
    Reservation No :- ZM7J7I
    jetlite Confirmation Number:- PKDYTT
    Departure time :- 4:55
    total fare :- 6520
    Mobile :- 9892068870

    thank you

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  • De
      27th of Jan, 2009

    Jetlite, Another name of cheat !!!

    I booked a ticket from Gorakhpur to Lucknow on 4th Jan 2008 PNR No - JM29E. I was having a connecting flight from Delhi to London. When I reached Gorakhpur, the staff advised me there is no flight because of bad weather. And weather was very clear that day. Staff was literally shouting, when I asked where to raise a complaint. Not at all professional.

    Then I asked ok, change my ticket from Lucknow to Delhi same day. They were very rude and did this after many a times reuqest. They issued me a new PNR number - JXW1E. after that I realized I cant board that flight because lucknow is far from Gorakhpur. I asked them to cancel the ticket and process my refund. They said its done. And the day 4th January 2008 to today. I have sent many emails, complaints. but no response. They have taken 5300 rupees from me and not refund. In my life I can go by train anyother medium but no Jetlite. I would suggest anybody who wants to get away from this kind of cheating, Dont book ticket with Jetlite.

    I would appreciate if anybody can help me getting my refund.

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  • Di
      17th of Dec, 2010
    jetlite - Very bad service in all aspects

    The feedback link in their website just does not work!!! Whatever feedback you try to submit it will say wrong format! First they give bad service and on top of it there is no feedback mechanism!!!

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  • Di
      17th of Dec, 2010

    Same thing happened to us and we were three people.

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  • Ka
      21st of Dec, 2010

    I don't think i will ever travel by Jetlite ever again if I can help it...we were 5 passengers travelling from Delhi to Pune in the 16:15hrs flight: we were NOT allowed to check-in even though all of us were BEFORE time (45 minutes before the departure time) and we were the only passengers in front of the desk at that point of time.

    The lady at the desk was doing something else rather than checking us in (apparently the system was down!) and when we asked if we could talk to the supervisor (Ms. Prerna Sharma) she was of no help at all, we still had 40 minutes in hand and we could have still checked in looking at the fact that some airlines stop their check-in 30 minutes prior to the flight.

    Ms. Prerna Sharma came across as a very unprofessional and inefficient front desk employee. She gave us reasons like the pilot had already signed the document that flight HAD to be closed 45 minutes before the departure and the second one was that it was because of passengers like us who run in late that flights get delayed all the time and mind you we were there before time and one of their employees told her that we actually were before time but the system was down.

    I told her that she need not take my word that we were before time but at least consider what the Jetlite employee was saying about we being before time. And how insensitive of her she didn't listen to a word of what the employee said or what we were saying. We asked her if she could talk to someone, some higher authority but Lord! she was adamant and all she could say was..."I am sorry, please calm down, I can do nothing about it, you cannot board the flight"...who can possibly calm down when that person is being wronged right on the face!!!

    What the hell !!! and to top it off she gave excuses that she had announced for the passengers but we did not say " Hey we are on that plane!" All 5 of us didn't hear that announcement and our hearing faculties are close to perfect!

    When she had 40 minutes in hand she did nothing...absolutely nothing except trying to shut us up and shoo us away and when 10 minutes were left for the departure she called the duty manager! and gave us a full refund of the fare...but hey that is not the point...What a shame to privatization! who is going to count in the stress and the frustration, time loss, potential chance of missing the flight from Pune to Chennai and then another from Chennai to Andamans!!!

    Jetlite has no rights to call us guests! call us passengers or customers but at least BE SENSITIVE and treat us like the relationship between the Jetlite airline and the passenger is mutual and not like Jetlite is the be all and the end all!!!

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  • Di
      24th of Dec, 2010

    I faed the same behavior but no refunds also!!

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  • Di
      24th of Dec, 2010

    Same treatment but without any refund!!

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  • Ch
      13th of May, 2012

    Date of Journey: 13.05.2012
    Flight Details: Jetlite Flight no : 4243
    Passenger Name: Not Disclosing
    From : Lucknow To Hyderabad via New Delhi

    There is an Immediate concern which I need to raise, and seek quick resolution
    ISSUE: Baggage not delivered at Hyderbad

    I found that could not find the luggage at the belt.I conveyed it to the JetLite representative at the Hyderabad Airport.
    The Representative conveyed that they have noted down the concern .
    Also assured, that the Baggage will be brought to Hyderbad by flight from Delhi and delivered at the door step by 14th afternoon.
    The Bar Code details of the misplaced baggage: S2-542185

    I have important docs related to my job that i need to report on monday morning and other imp docs as well.
    i am really concerned now.plz help.

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  • Gl
      3rd of Jul, 2012
    jetlite - Very bad service in all aspects

    Jetlite charges exorbitant fees on International transit baggage. When questioned, they ask to fill a complaint envelope and God only knows what happens with that, adding to that impolite staff not trying to understand what customer is saying. Inside the flight none of the security guidelines are followed. FAA should inspect these inflight activities. Seat belt is not enforced as required and other serious security lapses. Highly DO NOT recommend this jetlite/jet airways.

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