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Please refer to my complaint sent to edcon on 07 May 2012
Incident – Jazeed offers to change my old jet card and give me a new one but I am not sure what exactly he did but he blocked my card before activating the new one. This happened about 12:00 Noon. He then tells me that the card was blocked and he will sort it out quickly. I then waited and waited. 10 minutes later he tells me that they do not have cards and someone will fetch a card at another store in golden acre.

Mark comes in the meantime to apologise. Then after that I wait and wait and wait. Eventually at 12:55 Mark comes to tell me that he is very sorry but I have to go to Jet store in Darling street and collect my card.

I then go to the store and ask for noluyanda as advised by Mark and she says that the card is with Megan at the tills. Stand in a que for 5min only to get to the till and megan cannot find the card and then I have to wait another 10min to have a new card linked and activated. I walk back to the st Georges branch to go get my goods and Mark just wants to give me the basket expecting me to stand in a que again until I told him that I am not going to stand in a que, he takes the basket from the other guy and takes me to a till to do the purchase. He did not even have the courtesy or decency to make sure that everything went down ok. He just dropped me and the basket at the till with the cashier and left. Still he does not bother to offer anything for the crap service rendered.

Now Firstly tell me…How the [censored] can you catch on such kak with a client and expect the client to go and fetch the card and so far as well. None of them bothered to think outside of the box seeing as its their fault. Now, I have missed time off from work and be inconvenienced to go sign for the card and go back to the St. Georges branch to purchase my babies goods amounting to almost R600.00. I want to be compensated in some way for:

- The inconvenience of having to be sent from pillar to post
- The inconvenience of just having to wait like a puppet
- The fact that I had to wait an hour and NOT GET ANY SERVICE in the end
- The fact that I have wasted time there and now have to take another hour off work as I have to do their job.
Please note that I am expecting a call by no later than by 3 tomorrow afternoon. I am logging this complaint on hello peter as well and if nothing to MY SATISFACTION is done, I will go even more public than this. I have also located 2 of the directors email addresses of Edcon and I am sending a copy of this mail to them as well.
I demand that my purchase of R543.77 be discounted by 50% for all the crap you put me through
And I want a written apology from Jazeed and Mark before the end of the week!

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  • Te
      18th of May, 2015

    I know you have every right to complain as a customer but please watch your words and language. You don't have to use strong language dear.

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