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I have the unfortunate problem of using Sears to install my roof.
Picture it 2013 summer Florida. A young woman and her father are grieving the death of a mother. The father decides to take care of the daughter. He uses Sears to get her a roof, with a thirty year warranty. Father pays 16798.40 for the roof. In the hopes that she would never have to use it, but if she did it was there, for when he too joined the mother.
Roof installation begins, when the roofers begin to nail they popped my cooper wiring. That's right people no AC in Florida for four days. Because of this it killed my transformer in my AC or something that sounds like that. I had to get a new AC 1500.00. There was no seem covers put on my roof, there was so much material left behind I had to run people out of my yard and pull it in my garage.
2017 February I have my eaves replaced. While this is being done the guy notices that the main beam to my roof is rotten. LIKE BIG TIME!!! I called the BS department better know as warranty department. I began my adventure with K Rivera. She sent Jeff out to my house who just walked up to my fence and said not his problem. When I then brought him inside to show him wood rot, he began to talk about my contract. When I asked him what it said. Back pedal much? I asked him to leave and let him know that if I was a man he wouldn't be talking to me like this. I filed a complaint with the BBB which then got me in touch with Rogelia Powell aka Roger. She sent Robert to my house who was an hour late, and told me and my friend that it was Sear's place to fix this, since they have replace four of the rotten boards but left the rest. That was back in March. Rogelia told me that they didn't have a contractor to send and since they sent a company that had 33 complaints on them I really didn't trust Sears to send someone out. YES 33!!! Alta Land. The person who put in the eaves said he could do the job. Me, being the girl that I am wanted the blue shingles on my roof. For the money I paid I wanted it to match, I am a girl, get over it. The first estimate was sent but only for labor because of the blue shingles, I thought Sears would be supplying the materials. I was wrong. This guy had to come out again to give me an estimate on the materials. Well this is considered ambiguous, even though Roger told me she was checking into the materials. The first estimate was for 2025.00. The full estimate was 3063.65. This was too much for Sears to pay. Even though they charged what they did and this is a fourth of my roof which would be about what I paid them. So by this time I am about to explode. It is now April 20th I still haven't heard anything and every time I call Roger she isn't there. I called her and she didn't answer, I called from another phone she picked right up. Advised me she would be sending me a letter with an offer for 1000.00 to replace the rotted beam. I emailed because it had been six days and nothing. I was then sent an email advising me I was told already it would be sent out. NSSL. Finally, I get the long awaited letter. The letter itself is dated 04/26/2016 the day I emailed, but the agreement is dated 04/19/2017. I had ten days to sign, and by doing so I voided my entire warranty on my roof, even though this was only a section. Back to the date thing, I had two days to get the letter back to them. Felt like a trick, because even if I signed and sent back it would be void because of the time frame and probably wouldn't get the money anyway and I would be voiding my warranty. iKnOWiTGeTsBeTteR. I call the complaint department. I speak to David on May 10th around 2pm calls, should be recorded. I want Roger's supervisors name and number. David sends her an email or IM asking for the information. She won't give it. Tells him that my father is the only one the will speak to. I call her, guess what? No answer. Well, I am done at this point so I blow her phone up. Using both my cell and landline. She then gets on the phone and takes it off the hook. Still not giving up I continue to call. Finally, after 18 calls from my cell and how many ever from my home phone she picks up. HOLY CRAP. She then goes back to the agreement, I advised her of the two dates. Nothing. This person, didn't respond to the BBB review in time then making me file a complaint with the Illinois State Commissioner. She has sent me emails that are rude and the way she talks to you is very demeaning. When she responded to her complaint she actually put in there that since I said she didn't pick up the phone and that she bullied me (back to the two day turn around on the agreement and losing my warranty), she was taking the 1000.00 offer off the table and it was only available to my father. Also, she didn't have the time to screen calls and didn't have caller ID. Okay, I guess she still got the rotary. This to me was childish and insulting. You have had since March but you are given me a time line. When I did speak to Roger, and asked for her bosses phone number she stated, "she's not in". Not what I asked. I then advised her about David which at first she denied, but then remember. When she finally did provide me with her bosses name, I was then told, "by the way I never told anyone I wouldn't give them my bosses name", um you just did it to me. I call this lady Rachel Cheek 05/10/2017 and left a message. I called again this Monday the 15th, I called again today. Finally she picked up. This woman tore me up one down and then the other. Told me I needed to do some research on roofs cause I didn't know what I was talking about. That this issue is not their problem even though they did replace four pieces of the board. When I told her the price difference and how that appeared ambiguous to me, I was advised I should have shopped around. Maybe Sears doesn't need business, not sure. She began to ask me questions she knew I didn't know the answer to, hence her telling me to get on line. I asked about the voiding of the warranty and why would it be voided. She told me since someone else was doing the work they wouldn't warranty it. I asked about it only be a section she then told me it didn't matter. She basically just kept repeating herself and I was just zoned out. I asked about Robert coming out and telling me Sears should have fixed the issue. She then advised me if Robert said that he would be paying for it and doing it on his own time. Hope to see you soon Robert. I was also told to let her talk, again she repeated the same thing. She also told me that I should have shopped around and when I advised her that my father and I trusted Sears because we had windows but it in and it was great, we trusted that they would do the job correctly and do the right thing. Even if we had to pay more, we should have been told we could have had it fixed all at once. Now the customer is left with the remains.
I hope this helps someone else. This company is going out of business for a reason. Their customer service is weak, their job etiquette and non professional speaks volumes. The tone in which I have been spoken to and I am forty, I can't imagine dealing with this when I am sixty they will bend me over a barrel, wait that already is happening.

Jessica Green
Jessica Green
Jessica Green

May 17, 2017

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