Jesse / rose gold iphone 6s plus

I met up with this Jesse girl in front of her apartment main office. She handed me the phone and allowed me to search into it. I tried turning it on but she told me it was dead so I allowed myself to charge it in my bf's car. I allowed it to charge and then I turned it on, Then I examined it, I couldn't unlock the phone because my SIM card wasn't inserted yet. And I didn't had a way to switch my SIM card from my old phone to the new phone. Keep in mind that the phone she handed me was factory reseted (she even told me) so there was no way for me to tell if it was an unlocked phone. So I said looks good thank you and I handed her $150. Then she said thanks and left. Later that night I switched my SIM card over and it wouldn't allow me to activate it due to her account still being active in there and also due to my phone service being metro and hers was sprint. I took it to metro and a wireless phone store and then Apple store, to see if I could still unlock it. And they all told me that I can't because she needs to log in so they could unlock it. And when I tried to contact her-she ignores me or blocked me... what can I do in order to get my money back and give her phone back?


Jun 11, 2018

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