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Never shipped item - This website is a scam! I ordered a jersey for my boyfriends birthday. I sent an email asking why it hand't arrived yet. (I payed through paypal). I got a response saying that he had been on vacation and was backed up with orders. Then a week later I received an email that notified me that he wanted to sell the website, but not to worry... everyone would still receive their orders. Well... another week went by and I never received anything. I have written numerous emails trying to get my money back or the item shipped but everyone of them has been ignored. This person got me to hold of just long enough so I couldnt file any claims with pay pal or my credit card company. I am still writing him emails to this day and this happened a year ago! I am so angry! I have found information about him wanting to sell this website lately again... so please dont buy into the bullcrap and dont ever ever buy anything from this site!!!

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