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OMG! This company is a nightmare!!! Do NOT ever order from this website. I ordered 5 jerseys and got billed twice for them, I sent them an email because apparently the phone number that is on the website is bogus, nobody answers! It took 24 hours before they emailed me back asking if I was sure that I wanted a refund or did I want to spennd the money they already charged to my card for more merchandise on their website! You have got to be kidding? Aside from the fact that the email was the worst broken English I have heard. They said they would refund my money, but they didn't, I called the number that is listed on my bank statement. (not the same number as on their website) got an English-speaking person that said they would refund my card...still sitting here waiting for the refund. Going to keep calling back until I get it or an authorization number to give my bank so they can take the bogus charge off! Damn I'm so mad, I hate being ripped off. Still haven't received the original 5 jerseys I ordered.


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