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Jerry's Corner / Initial experience

1 61st St.& W.Passyunk Ave.Philadelphia, PA, United States

Note: Addendum to the first complaint filed Correction to the business address and the zip code and date of initial experience.

On May 9, 2008, I took a 36x36 custom portrait of The Delfonics to Michelle's Photo's in order to have it restored. The person in charge name is Mike. He told me that he could restore the photo, but he would have to take it to another printer on "B" & Huntington Ave. (in the Northeast) to have it printed there because they had a machine large enough to print the picture. He charged me $25.00 to restore the photo and $50.00 for the 36x36 version. I paid him in full-receipt #085170. First and foremost, he had the portrait approx.1 1/2 weeks before he even started to work on it. Because the photo was so large, he could not scan it, so he had to actually take a picture of the portrait in the condition that it was in, then download the camera picture onto the computer. Then, by whatever process was used, he was able to restore the picture back to its' rich colors. He then had to take the finished picture to some printer on B & Huntington Ave. to have the enlargement made. This is where the rest of the problem exists. Mike went to pick up some other enlargement orders, but for some unknown reason, my picture was not with the order. Mike said he questioned his printers and had advised them that the Delfonics picture was on the disc that the other pictures were on so how did the other enlargements get printed, but mine did not. Mike said he paid the printer $50.00 to do the enlargement and that he had a receipt. Well last Wednesday, May 21, 2008, I called Mike to see if I could pick up the portrait. He told me that there was another problem because the printer somehow over looked the order and they would print it and I could pick it up on Friday, May 23, 2008. I called Mike on Friday, May 23rd to see what time I could pick up the portrait. Again he told me some nonsense about the printer didn't have it ready, but I could pick it up Wednesday, May 27th. He had additional time as I had a family crisis and was not able to contact him until today, May 30, 2008. Remember, Monday was a holiday and Michelle's Photo's is closed on Tuesdays. When I called him today, he came with some other B.S. Now he said that the printer had made an enlargement print. So I asked Mike where was the print and he said he didn't know, but in order to get another print he would have to pay another $50.00 which he was not willing to do. It all sounds like a crock of you know what. So I asked him..."What is it? Are you trying to keep the portrait for yourself? Or are the printers trying to keep it for themselves perhaps in order to sell it? In turn, I also wanted Mike to make me a smaller version of the portrait for myself, as the 36x36 belongs to one of The Delfonics. The original portrait sustained water damage which is why it needed to be restored. I told him that I would pay him for the smaller version, but he said that since I had been patient and willing to work with him up to this point, he would give me the smaller version at no charge. After a heated discussion with him today, I told him that I wanted the disc that he put the picture on, 2 smaller versions of the picture and he needed to clean up the 8 1/2 x 10 sample that he gave me as one of the singers faces was too dark. He agreed to this and told me that I could pick everything up on Saturday, May31, 2008. I asked him for the name or contact number to the so called printers on B'&Huntington, but he refused to give it to me asking me why I wanted it and he does not give out information regarding his connections because his customers would go directly to them and leave him out of the loop. Then he said that they would not talk to me anyway because they only talk to people who don't have an account, which is total bull_ _ _ _. They would never get new business if they didn't talk to new people. Something is very shaky with this entire situation. I hope for their sake I do not see this portrait on Ebay or hanging in someone's studio. The portrait is over 30 years old and it was taken when The Delfonics were in the prime of their career. There are only 4 to each of the singers (3) and and their manager had one in his office. How I came to have one; one of members is my significant other. I feel as though I am being lied to and merchandise that I paid for is being stollen. If the business between Mike @ Michelle's Photo's and this so called printer in the Northeast was so legit, then why can't I have contact information so that I can ask them directly what happened to the portrait. I am asking that you intervene on my and The Delfonics behalf. Mike is not handling his business in a very professional manner. First of all my work should have been done within at least 1-2 weeks after I first walked into his studio as I paid him in full. He is lying and stealing and I want something to be done about it. I plan on reporting him to The Better Business Bureau and I plan on suing him in small court and if he does not have my work by today, I will be calling the police in order to file a complaint. Please help me before this escalates into something real ugly. My significant other is ready to go to the studio and turn it out, as it is his portrait. Help! I don't know what your procedure or process is in handling consumer complaints, but I feel like this is one that needs to be looked into. Something is really shaky with this entire matter. Thanking you in advance for your assistance in trying to resolve this matter.


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